Sunday, October 17, 2010


Missing Heart: What to do if you still miss some of your ex lover's qualities??

You are out from a long time relationship; no matter if she left you or you have left her.

You are free now to do what you want and to meet who you want, when you want.

After a while you feel that you are ready to get in a new relationship. You even have met a nice girl who looks like she is interested in you. Slowly, things are getting more serious and you get to know better your new partner.

But something is bothering you, and you don't know what it is. Than you realize that she is not
doing things like you were used to be done, she is not doing things like your ex used to make
them (it's not about all things, but those you loved at your ex).

Last days I have met a friend of mine I haven't seen for a long time. It was a surprise for me
when a nice girl comes to us, and he has introduced her like his girlfriend. I didn't know that he has broken up with his ex, which is a very sexy, feminine woman.

After, his new girlfriend left, I asked my friend what happened with his ex and how things are
going in his new relationship. He told me that he is in this new relationship for over 7 months, his
girlfriend is a nice woman and he has nothing to blame her.

But, something is missing. He was used to be with a very feminine woman, which enjoyed her woman qualities all the time. He confessed me that it is very difficult for him to get used to live
without some things which he has experimented before and he knows that does exist.

He also told me something that made me smile: 'If I could take my ex qualities and put them next to my new partner's qualities I would make the perfect women for me.'

But how good it could be if we would be able to make the perfect woman? Not so good as we all
think, believe me.

I say it all the time,

-- perfection is boring.

However, a person after a breakup has to think mostly to the reasons for the breakup with his ex and not to her qualities. I am sure that you have very good reasons to break up with a person which who you have spend years together.

Relief you from your past relationship and let your new girlfriend make you happy in her own way. Learn to enjoy your girl’s qualities and personality and don't make your ex girlfriend’s qualities a problem for your present or future relationships.


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