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How CREATIVE are Feelings??

In our other articles over the last month or so we talked about how thoughts are not really things and that beliefs do not necessarily make something be or come true.

You may have come across in your studies, that its really the feelings that create your subjective reality and experience..

I would agree ones feelings do create the vibe in ones body and being and that is picked up by Universal Law and stuff comes back into your life that reflect your general vibe.

Generally in the Universe there is flow and based on your frequency and vibe you will be positioned in the flow at a place that will reflect that vibe.

So if you have a low level vibe based on slow negative feelings such as blame, guilt, resentment and shame you will draw in all sorts of low life happenings.

Like you come across a great trailer park to live in, your truck will break down and your boyfriend will dump you for Sue Ellen the hussy who works at Walmart.

I am just kidding I don’t want to offend any one living in a trailer but I hope you get my drift.

Actually, I shop at Walmart. Some times on Saturday Night Melody & I go on a date to Walmart and we have lots of fun there getting all sorts of neat stuff for our houses..

As well, I shouldn’t talk trash, cause after I misused the law of attraction as I wrote in my True Love on Demand book I crashed,

At that time in the later 80s I had to live at mommys for a few years cause I was a low life in terms of income.

In addition at times when my level of self esteem around career and money was down if affected my overall vibe and this was reflected in my income.

I was failing at things in my career and couldn’t understand why because in the eighties I was a multi millionaire and always at the top of my profession

For example when I first met Melody we lived in a rooming house in the core area of our city and we had barely enough money to make it.

The reason for that was that I had lost my way in terms of my money making ability after my crash.

Although I healed my body and trauma in many areas and had gained enough knowledge to have a nice comfortable life with Lucy I found after Lucy and I broke up I was out on my own and realized I had lost my drive for biz and I was not clear on my life purpose at that point.

These mixed feelings and lack of clear direction caused my vibe to drop.

So the Universe reflected all of that back to me with various locations and events that were all a mirror of what my general feeling state and vibe was..

Even though I had a good vibe in terms of relationships and was on a love high being with my soul mate Melody I still had some baggage with career and money issues. .

In the 90’s I started to learn about the Subconscious Mind, Patterns and the effects of feelings and vibes all mixing in with Universal Laws and that’s when I made the connection and decided then I don’t really have to work part time at Pizza Hut along with my other job to make the mortgage.

Yes in the early 90’s I did a lot of things to make ends meet cause I had a poverty consciousness after I crashed even though I had healed my body and relationship issues.
That poverty consciousness and lower sense of value and worth drew me to any kind of job just to make extra money.

By the time I met Melody I had realized that love was not enough I had to address other areas of life I had not attended to and look in to the deeper issues keeping me stuck in career and money.

There are 4 levels of healing and we need to heal all the levels in all areas of life that we are not living our dreams in.

Today I live in nice houses and have a very easy life, and of course have the love and relationship of my dreams with Kitten (Melody) cause my feeling states now are joyful in all areas of my life. .

The biggest difference now is my general feeling state and vibe.

In our A+SECRET program coming out later this year I teach folks how to clear out their subconscious patterns that keep recreating events and feelings that keep us stuck in various level of success and life.

As I cleared these out I was able to move up the money, career and life purpose ladder. As I aligned with my true soul values, I could create a lifestyle that harmonized in the highest and best way with my mind, body and soul.

I also had to get how Universal Flow. Actually this month in our inner circle private members blog that you get access to when you buy True Love on Demand, I am teaching readers how to align with Universal Flow to get all you want very fast in synchronicity.

Divine Design overrides everything when you tap into it so it doesn’t matter what you are consciously thinking or not.

Any back in the day…

The biggest source of low vibe for me was the fact that all though I didn’t consciousness acknowledge and recognize it I felt shame most of the time.

Kids like me, who come from critical and controlling families that give the message that you are not good enough or what you do is different and wrong create adults who never feel good about them selves and if they don instantly reach all their goals and standards they end up feeling bad all the time.

And if on top of that one is criticized when they are in cycles of failure ( for example when their visions or ideas of how things should be are not manifesting) and or fails at even one little thing they will shame themselves for not being good enough.

Add to that body shame, or social situations gone awry, something breaking or things not working out the way they expected then people feel really bad.

So shame was a big part of my life with out really knowing that consciously cause that was my normal feeling state hence vibe.

In fact it was a life theme.

If you look over my history of the last 25 to 35 years I have attracted many humiliating events because I had shame in my body.

If you have shame or guilt then you will attract events that give you embarrassment, shame or guilt.

And until I got that out of my subconscious mind and body system I keep attracting these events even though I was a positive thinker, and had belief and visualized my good.

See the subconscious over rides your conscious intentions and creates patterns that attract in events that keep recreating the base feeling state of your childhood in your family of origin.

In my family the predominate feelings, were shame, guilt, anger, loneliness, criticism and resentment.

So what did you think I felt most of the time and what kind of things do you think I attracted.

The mates, the jobs, the money and the lifestyle all are mirrors of our general vibe which is rooted in our feelings and of course created by our paradigms and mindsets.

Many of us are not aware of our vibe and most of us are not aware of our feelings. We tend to focus on externals and the situation of things.

For example if you were to ask me, how I was feeling I would say fine cause these emotions were my natural vibe and state so unless something dramatic was happening and I was really angry or something really bad happened and I was feeling really stupid and guilty then I would say I was fine, but really there were so many things in a day that would recreate shame for me and I didn’t even know it.

Anyway in my new self love book in my A+SECRET package that is coming out later this year I go over all this stuff and in the Secret to Creating the Life and Relationships of Your Dreams books and package I give you a powerful system to clear all these unresolved emotions and patterns out of your system.

Its hard to create the love and life of your dreams if you do not do this work first up front.

If you have any questions email me or Melody at

Warm Regards

Dr. Robby


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