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Secrets to breaking the code - Unleashing Personal, Relationship and Universal Mastery & Power

I was lying down the other night and I was thinking about the Break the Code package that Cucan put together and what a wonderful resource it is.

It occurred to me, though, that 20 years ago when I was experiencing “Relationship Hell,” I had no idea back then how I could draw in and keep my Ultimate Soul Mate, or even deal with the Relationships that I was going through at the time so I could get out of pain and make it better or right with these folks.

I didn’t understand the “Dynamics of Relationship Success” back then, as well as how to work with the Universe.

If you read my True Love on Demand Package, you will see how I unconsciously used the Universal Dream Machinery with mixed results.

At times I created outstanding success, and at other times I got what we call huge “Boom-backs” that would knock me off my feet and cause terrible reversals.

I got tired of all the pain and suffering so, I started to slowly climb out of my confusion and hurt.

I did not have the Road Map back then, as I give to my clients and readers today.

So if you have not read any or many of our books and programs, I want to give you here sort of a guide map to access information to discover where you are and where you need to go to “Create the Life and Relationships of Your Dreams.”

I did not know back then that I needed to develop in three main areas.

I had to “Master the Relationship Game,” for to not do so would be like playing football with no concept of how the game works, and how to win.

I also had to stop using the Universal Dream Machinery in an “unconscious” way, because it was too hit-or-miss, and when I missed, it was like falling off a bike and having a big crash.

I also had to get my act together personally.

What that means is I had to learn to understand the structure and function of my Subconscious Mind and that it was broadcasting into the Universal Dream Machinery 24/7 a lot of things I did not want consciously in my life. AND I had to learn a lot about Self-Love and Self-Worth.

I did not really understand how dysfunctional I was.

All the programs, patterns, toxicity and deficiency I was carrying around were causing me to think and act in lousy ways around relationships.

I keep attracting replications of my early family and childhood wounds and unmet needs. I would be triggered constantly by the events and people around me, and was in a constant fight to try to make my relationships work.

I had no idea at the time that it was about me, and not the other person or partner.

I felt like a victim. However, unknown to me, I was a victim of my own making.

I did not know how the Subconscious worked. I did not understand that it was like a big “Computer Hard Drive,” and that it had absorbed all the unhealthy patterns from my family and society in and around relationships, health and money.

I could not accept scientifically, even if someone had told me at the time, that, in fact, this Subconscious Computer was working with the Universal Mind or Machine to keep recreating events, situations and scenarios that replicated all the lousy feelings I had growing up and struggling while in early relationships.

I would not have believed at that time that I was responsible for my plunge into bankruptcy and my up-and-down health issues at the time.

As a scientist, a street-smart paramedic and savvy businessman, I would not have accepted any of this "poppycock” and would have dismissed it with a wave of my hand.

The fact was, though, that not knowing how to run, maintain and restructure/reprogram my main operating system, and the subroutines of my Subconscious Hard Drive/Mind, I was basically at its whim and control….

And since it's directly connected to the Universal Machinery, just as our computers today are connected to the Internet, there seemed to be fast responses to create all sorts of duality and struggle in my life.

It's like running a computer that has a bunch of dysfunctional programs and viruses, and having all sorts of bad things happening.

If you don’t know how to run your computer, and bad stuff keeps happening, and you keep trying and wishing and hoping and praying that it gets better, it doesn’t.

So to rectify the situation, you need to learn how to “run and control and clean out and reprogram your system.”

So these basic measures you need to do for yourself. You need to have a basic understanding and primer for your own Subconscious Mind Computer-like Hard Drive and Machinery.

In my book “The Secret to Creating the Life and Relationships of Your Dreams," I outline how to do all this. The book is just being finished now and will be available in early 2007.

The second area of Personal Mastery I had to attend to was learning about “Self-Love and Self-Worth.”

Frankly, I did not know how to love myself and take care of myself emotionally.

I had no clue how I was abusing myself mentally and emotionally by allowing myself to participate in all these toxic and deficient relationships.

My level of Self-Love was low because no one ever taught me how to love myself. In fact, everything I learned in our society caused me to hurt and deny myself in some way.

We have a “Self-Love” Therapy and Training Program called “The Pathway to Self-Love,” and that will be released soon.

In that program, we give the fundamentals of how to care for yourself and avoid toxic, dysfunctional and unavailable situations.

The program contains practical advice, as well as “real life stories” of what I went through, and gives you the insights on how to create a high level of self-love, which will allow you, with a reorganized subconscious, to broadcast the right vibe into the Universal Dream Machinery.

We are bundling both the “The Secret to the Life and Relationships of Your Dreams” Program with the “The Pathway to Love” Series into a Package called A+SECRET.

So over the next few months, you will see the A+SECRET bundle become available.

News Flash!!

The Break the Code Package for $47 will be changing over the next month.
We are taking out two of our books from the package and replacing them with some new material.

Both Love by Design and True Love on Demand will be replaced with new products from Cucan and Tenzin.

Cucan and Tenzin are putting in some amazing replacement products, so the program will be stunning in 2007.

I just love the "Message of the Master" which is included in this package, and plus all the products from Cucan that are included in this bundle make this an “over-the-top" value.

If you want to grab True Love on Demand and Love by Design before the changeover, you can get those books, a value of $94, plus all the great products Tenzin and Cucan are offering in the “existing” Break the Code Bundle for only $47.

I would urge you to act today, because the changeover is going on this month. It’s a really a great deal, so if you have been wanting to get these books, this is a good time to get them both at a real savings.

In fact, after the New Year, we are changing prices on many of our products, so this Holiday Season, treat yourself to the gift of having the Relationships of Your Dreams.

If you have any questions write me at

Warm Regards

~ Dr. Robby

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Secrets to success with any self improvement program

Today I want to discuss how to dramatically improve the results of any self-improvement program. It doesn't matter if you use my material or any other program, book or strategy. In order to succeed at any self-improvement program, you must to do the following:

1. Decide on what you want and desire.

This is your intention. Write down what you want on paper. If you want it, you can have it.

Start with one intention and work on that and then you can go to the next, etc. Always focus on a positive outcome. Never say, “I DON'T WANT this”, such as “I don't want to be broke”. Instead, focus on what you WANT, such as “I want to attract more money into my life”.

As you do this I want you to focus on a THREE LETTER WORD that will guarantee your success. The three letter word is WHY…

You must be clear on WHY you want your goal or desire, or WHY you want to fulfill a certain dream. Always, always, always (should I say that again?) keep your focus on WHY you are doing what you are doing. A-L-W-A-Y-S!

Otherwise you will give up when the slightest obstacle stands in your way or it doesn't seem like it is “working”.

This is why 99% of people fail at any attempt to improve their life. They are not clear on WHY they want what they want. They are not clear on the BENEFITS. The WHY is always
more important than the HOW. In other words, WHY you want something will motivate you to achieve it. Worrying or trying to figure HOW you are going to get it only pushes it further away. So always focus on the WHY.

Your subconscious mind must be convinced that what you desire is what you really want. Not what you think you “should” want, or what others want for you, but what you TRULY want. If it perceives any change as a “have to”, “should” or “must”, such as “I have to do this”, “I should
do this”, or “I must do this”, it will resist the change. That will cause lack of perseverance.

As soon as you encounter the first obstacle that comes along, your subconscious will give you all the logical reasons why you should quit. If you focus on WHY you want what you want you will not give up easily but will be motivated to keep moving toward your goal, even if you have a temporary setback.

2. Commit yourself 100% to follow through UNTIL you get a result.

Read it again! I didn't say IF you get a result. There is a huge difference. I said UNTIL you get a result. Keep in mind, there is only one way to fail, and that is to quit.

3. Suspend your disbelief.

Do not prejudge whether or not the self improvement program, book or strategy you are using will work. Suspend your disbelief that it will NOT work for you. Keep in mind that it has worked for others and it WILL work for you.

One the most common obstacles I run into with clients is that they think, “I know this has worked for others, but in my case it is different.” In fact, I have never worked with a client who
didn't think that in their case it was “different”.

Trust me, your case is not different. Your circumstances may be different, but the underlying problem is the same.

4. Don't judge results too quickly.

Often people will have quick results when making a change because they are ready for the change and they have aligned their energy (more on that later) You could be one of them,
but allow some time for adjustment. Don't measure your results in hours, days, weeks, etc. ANY
improvement is a forward movement. Use even a small improvement as a building block to take the next step forward. You will continue to move forward as long as you focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.

(Review Lesson 1)

Remember when you learned to ride a bike. It was relatively difficult at first to keep your balance. Then you got rolling and it seemed so easy. In the beginning we are often out of balance. Sometimes it takes a little while to regain our balance.

5. Measure progress from where you started.

There are two groups of people. The first group measures their progress against some kind of an ideal. The second group measures their progress against where they started. Measuring your progress against some ideal is kind of like trying to travel to the horizon. You can never get there because no matter how you move toward it, the horizon always recedes, so it always seems to be an equal distance away from where you start.

People that have that strategy in deciding whether or not they are making progress are always frustrated because it always seems to them that they are making no progress.

The second group of people are those that note where they were when they started. When they look back, it is obvious that they have made progress. Once I get this concept across to people, they will often say, “My God I have been doing that my whole life and I have been frustrated about everything that I have done. Now I suddenly realize that I have been making all kinds of progress in lots of areas of my life and I didn't even see it”.

We need to measure our progress from where we start. If you measure your progress on the horizon (ideal goal) you will always be frustrated.

6. Focus on the next step.

Always focus on what you have to do NOW - IN THIS MOMENT.

Forget about future results. Just keep your point of focus on what you want to accomplish IN THIS MOMENT.

Usually when you start to see progress you have this impulse to want to rush things. You want things to change “right now: This pushes you and drives you to “force” things to happen. As you will learn, less effort creates more results.

7. Doing What You Know

I am sure you know people who have studied personal improvement material most of their lives and have not made any SIGNIFICANT changes. They read, study and attend self-improvement seminars and nothing, or very little, seems to change.

Why is this so?

Simply because they are self-improvement “junkies”. Like any junkie they need a “fix”. But the problem is that even though it is a positive fix, they are still addicts. They are addicted to the illusion that the more they study and learn, the more their life will improve. If they can just find that one book, one program, one strategy they are looking for, their lives will turn around.

Of course, they never find it because they are addicted to COLLECTING INFORMATION. They read all the books and listen to the tapes and CD's and study, but they don't move forward.

Here's why…

It is not enough to KNOW what to do - you must to DO what you know. Read it again!

In other words, MORE INFORMATION is not the answer. Even the information you are learning in this e-course. I promise you that when you finish this course you will KNOW what to do.However, the goal for this article is to get you to DO what you KNOW.

I am not saying that learning new techniques and strategies is not helpful. I buy hundreds of books and attend dozens of seminars, but I know that the INFORMATION will not change
my life. The change comes when I APPLY the information UNTIL I GET THE RESULT I desire. In other words, when I DO what I KNOW.

My intention for lessons of this article is to set you up not to fail. In other words, failure is not an option if you will DO what you KNOW. (Actually apply what you are learning). If that is the case, then you are ready for the next step. You are ready for the Million Dollar Secret That Can
Change Your Life.

It's getting exciting, so make sure you are on the lookout for the next lesson. It will be a real eye-opener!

I know, I know, your sooooooo busy! But do you really want to move forward in your life, or do you just want to collect more information?

It's worth repeating again. It is not enough to KNOW what to do - you must DO what you know.

Talk to you then. Have another great and prosperous day . . .

Dr. Robert Anthony

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achieve their goals, dreams and desires in the shortest possible time.

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