Tuesday, October 10, 2006


7 Top Reasons Why Your Woman Require More Time, Attention And Reassurance From You

Some men find that their woman is driving them crazy with insecurities and require way too much attention, but the truth is that woman are gentle creatures who just want to have some meaning in their life. Men may see some woman as needy, but most of the time it is just because they are looking for someone to love them so much.

Seven Reasons Why Your Woman Requires More Time

1.One reason why a woman requires more time is the fact that women are very sensitive and they feel more for their mate. They constantly want to be closer to their mate because they feel that the relationship gets stronger over time.
2.Also women require more time because women feel that they need to express their feelings all the time. Unlike a man, a woman needs to be expressive and show their emotions. When a woman is in love, she wants to be with her mate so that she can express herself.
3.Women need to be needed; by spending time with a woman you are validating their life. By sharing your time with a woman you are telling her that you want her around and that makes her feel more secure.
4. Insecurity gets the best of woman. Again validating her and her feelings is just one of the most important reasons why you nee to show a woman more time. With insecurity, a mind runs wild, and it will strain the relationship.
5.It could be true that most women are happier being around their mate because they make them happy. Nothing seems that important to a woman in love other than being in love.
6.Most of the time woman demands more time is because women fear loneness. Women are more likely to get lonely. Women need to have a champion to be there for her when she’s sad or happy.
7.Some women feel that they need excitement in their life to fill whole. It doesn’t mean you have to be a daredevil, but the laughter and release of some hormones make women feel full of life.

However, there are major differences between men and woman and most of them are evident. The difference between a man and a woman when it comes to reassurance is that most men don’t need to be validated. Men do crave attention from women, but they don’t need it all the time.

A well-balanced man can spend the day with his girlfriend and go through the entire next day without having to see them. A well-balanced woman could possibly go through the entire day without seeing them, but a few phone calls have to be made or the day doesn’t seem right. A man with good self esteem does not need to be reassured every day that the relationship is fine and that their partner loves them.

Some women are lucky in this area and don’t need reassurances, but most women feel that they aren’t good enough or that there is someone better than them. Women are insecure because of all the public hype over having to be perfect to be truly loved.

The only thing that a man should do if they find that they are dating an insecure woman is to sit down and have a talk. By sitting down and talking about what makes them insecure and what can be done to let them know that they are beautiful and that they are loved. Even though a woman knows that their mate loves them, it’s always nice to hear it every now and then. By being tentative and emotional expressive to a woman, the insecurities should diminish.

Even though some women are over sensitive or overly needy, you should not compromise your entire self to fit into the relationship. Some couples are better off not in a relationship together than others. However, if you really want to keep a long term relationship or marriage work, you only have a few things that you absolutely must do. First, surprise her every now and then. Bring home a rose or make her breakfast in bed just because you love her.

Tell the love of your life just how much you love her everyday, just because it could be the last day you two spend together. In addition, the last key to making a successful relationship last is to pick your battles. If you know that, she’s just in a mood because she lost her job or something tragic happened, let it go.

If you notice her trying to pick a fight to let some steam out, just tell her that you love her and give her a hug. However, for those important issues you should stand your ground so that at the end of the day you still feel like you know whom you are and you want to be in the relationship.

The problem with men is that they don’t know when to walk away. Insecure women will let you know that they are insecure with petty fights and the “where have you been” tone. There are so many things that you can say to a woman to make her feel better about herself and the relationship, but there are so many more things you should never say to a woman.

First, never compare her to her mother. Women spend their entire lives avoiding turning into their mother that it would be completely the end of the world for her to hear something like that. Another thing, don’t comment on her behavior. Don’t tell her she’s over reacting and never call her crazy. Writing off her feelings is the worst. However, you can suggest that you both walk away from the situation and come back to each when both parties are ready to look at the situation calmly.

The key to staying in a long lasting and loving relationship is communication. Sit down have a talk with your mate. Validate her feelings and acknowledge them. Don’t dismiss any of her feelings, nor should she dismiss any of your feelings. Sometimes it’s just best to walk away and cool down before approaching the issues that come up in a relationship.

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