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How to use the vacuum law

By Dr. Robby Bilton

Here is the little known SECRET that can draw in your soul mate REALLY FAST!

A lot of people have phoned me or written me and asked me how to deal with their existing relationships that aren't working out. A lot of people go back and forth trying to repair and rescue their relationships with little or no success. At the same time, they're studying some of the materials in True Love on Demand and trying to figure out what to do to maybe draw in a new mate.

They sort of have one foot in their existing relationships and one foot into the future of their dreams or fantasies of having something better.

That's a situation that's in violation of several of the Universal Laws.

So in this article I want to talk a little bit about how to understand some of these laws and principles so you can apply them and help yourself get out of these "stuck" situations.

The law I want to talk about specifically tonight is the Vacuum Law.

The Vacuum Law is a really neat law. I don't know if you like vacuuming, but I like vacuuming. But even more than vacuuming in my house, I actually like to use the Vacuum Law. The Vacuum Law is very powerful and very, very effective.

Actually it was the law that I used to attract Lucy. If you read my book, True Love on Demand, you'll see how I wrote about when I was at Laguna Beach and wanted to draw in a new relationship and improve the situations or types of relationships I had been through in the past. I had done a lot of personal work. I was learning about relationship mastery and how to use the Universe, things like visualization and Universal Laws.

At the time at Laguna Beach, I was actually sitting on a pier there reading a book on unconditional love. Initially when I started reading it, I thought, "This is kind of crap," but as I got into it, I started to understand the concepts more. And that synergized with what I was learning about relationships and what I was learning about metaphysics and spirituality at the time.

This was probably in 1988 or 1989. I had been in a seven-year quest, and this was part of my quest after my crash. I was in recovery in all areas of my life, and I was learning new things in many areas.

At the time, I was feeling lonely and wanted to have a mate in my life. I was relationship centered, although at the time I didn't understand value hierarchies or what relationship centeredness meant.

But I am in fact, quite relationship centered.

I wanted to share my life with somebody, and always did, and not in the unhealthy, codependent and/or addictive way I had previously done in earlier relationships.

However, at that time I was looking for a new level of relationship and lifestyle, and wanted to bring in my dreams. I had been studying enough and learning enough to know that that was quite possible.

Yes, we can all have all our dreams about love, life and relationship come true if we have the right consciousness and systems.

One of the things I had learned about in a lot of my metaphysical training and training on Universal Laws was the Vacuum Law.

The Vacuum Law states that you need to create a place for what you want to bring in, and then the Universe will fill that in. It's kind of like putting footprints in the sand and then the ocean comes in and fills those footprints with more sand and water. So I wanted to use that.

I was at Laguna Beach, and if any of you have been at Laguna Beach, you know that there are boutiques and shops there. Many of the places along the coast in California have neat little boutiques and shops, like in La Jolla and in Palm Springs and various other locales along the coast.

So I went into some of the stores there, and I thought, "Well, geez, I should buy something for my new mate that I'm going to draw in and attract." I had learned that that might be a good way to do that. So I was visualizing earlier what that would be. I wanted a tall, attractive girl with a wicked body (that was kind of my focus at the time.)

I wanted a pretty, tall, attractive girl. I'm not that tall. I'm five-seven. But I wanted a tall girl, five-eight or five-nine or five-ten or five-eleven. I wanted her to have a nice body, an hourglass figure.

I bought a shirt, and I thought, "Well, I better get a large or extra-large sweat shirt." I bought three of them. I thought, "I'm going to give these to my girl when I draw her in." I could visualize what I wanted and got a clear picture of that and how she would fill out these new pretty sweat shirts I bought for her, even though I didn’t know who this would be. In fact was bit of loner and recluse and had a very limited or non-existent social life at the time.

Shortly after, when I left California and came back to Canada, my sister introduced me to her best friend, who had gone through a divorce several years earlier, and needed my advice and input on buying a house.

I had been a top, successful realtor for years; then I crashed and got out of the business. Then I went back into the business at that time in 1988 or 1989 for about three months when my sister referred her friend to me.

When I met this girl, we just hit it off – and there's a whole story there I can tell you about. It was love at first sight. I had never met her before, and we had made arrangements and I was waiting for her at this empty house I wanted to show her. I walked in and saw her, and it was similar to my visualization of what I wanted. I knew she was single. She was a very lovely lady.

I went through my routine of showing the house, and as we went through the house, we stopped at the end of the house and then went back into the kitchen. We were looking out the window in sort of a trance-like state, both looking at the beautiful park-like setting -- actually I'm looking out my window now as I'm recording this, and I'm in a very similar area as I was showing this lady, Lucy. But we were looking out the window admiring the view, and I was sort of in a trance state, in the moment, in the gap, as you might say. I said to her, "This house isn't big enough for me, you and the kids." That just blurted out of my mouth, and it was pretty bold. She looked at me and smiled. You could see the twinkle in her eye, the connection and the attraction.

From there, we went through the transaction. Once the transaction was resolved, I asked her out. We started to date and hit it off. I then moved in, and the rest is history, as you read in my books.

So I was using the power of the Universe and the Vacuum Law on how to do that. Now, a lot of people try to use the Vacuum Law, but they make a mistake in using it. The mistake they make is that they don't let something go.

The second part of the Vacuum Law you need to know about is, in fact, to create a space, you need to let something go.

The Vacuum Law is really about release. Release is really the key to using the Vacuum Law.

Now, I had released everything, a lot of negative beliefs, a lot of dysfunction, a lot of my past trauma and a lot of my negative events and situation that had plagued my life for years before and during my crash.

I didn't have a partner or any relationships at the time I manifested Lucy to release. I had a few a few months earlier that I had released and let go. I wasn't clinging on to any previous or present relationship.

So if you are in some sort of tail end of a relationship and you are serious about getting a new one, then do what you can physically and energetically to let it go.

So the Vacuum Law also means releasing, emptying yourself in terms of dysfunctions, negative beliefs, existing and previous relationships and partnerships and emotional attachments. So that is a vital aspect of it. It's not just making room in your life for someone to come in, or buying things, like I did. If you're living in a home and you want a partner or mate, well, you need to make room in your home for them. So that's an example of how to use the Vacuum Law.

However, what is just as important is you release any dysfunction, negative patterns, attitudes and beliefs that are stopping from drawing in your “highest and best” soul mate.

Anyway, it's a powerful law, and it's only one of about 20 Universal Laws and Principles that we teach in our relationship mastery series and in our wizardry apprenticeship series.

So if you read True Love on Demand and all the books and MP3s that come with that, you'll get an understanding of how to use and apply these laws to bring in your “highest and best ultimate relationship and soul mate”.

At the time I did this back in 1989, I didn't understand the principles and concepts of highest and best.

So Lucy was really good. She was way better than any mate and/or relationship I ever had in my life. She had 90 to 95 percent of all that I wanted. But because I hadn't cleared out my subconscious mind, and I hadn't neutralized some of my patterns, I drew in a bit of a duality with Lucy. Ultimately, Lucy wasn't my highest and best mate. Eventually, after several years, I had to let her go.

When you read my books, you see what I had to learn after I met her to evolve myself to a place where I could easily ACCEPT AND DRAW IN my “Highest and Best Ultimate Soul Mate.”

And then in True Love on Demand we talk about how I attracted Melody after Lucy.

I used the same set of laws, plus some other things. Also, I did it in a more neutralized subconscious mind so that I didn't bring in all the duality, or some of the duality that I did with Lucy.

Lucy was really good; she was way above anything I had attracted previously, but there were a couple of areas in terms of values and vision, and some of my emotional needs not being met because Lucy wasn't digital or auditory. Other than that, she was wonderful and perfect in so many ways. We had a great relationship in many ways.

Again, if I had clung on to Lucy, even though it was really good, I wouldn't have been able to go up to the next level and attract my “ultimate soul mate,” Melody.

If you read the story – I think it's in True Love on Demand, and definitely in some of the other bonus materials we have with that package, you can see how I attracted Melody within 48 hours. But I had definitely let go of Lucy, and that created a vacuum, and that automatically used the Vacuum Law.

So if you have any questions on that, just drop me an e-mail at, and good luck in all your relationship endeavors and quest.

As well, if you have some difficulty letting go of your relationship, you really have to read Love by Design and/or Counsellor in a Box. Because when you understand that you need a functional, available, compatible partner and relationship, it will be easier for you to let go of what may not be working for you.

If you're just hanging on to the fantasy of how it once was, or what it potentially could be, and if your present situation is just based on your strong feelings of love and attraction, you can get a perspective on how that may not be highest and best for you.

Yes, you want a relationship based on strong feelings of love, attraction and connection. However, you also want a relationship that is a mutual filling of needs and works really well.

You will soon come to realize that this kind “love and attraction only” situation isn't enough for an ultimate complete fulfilling relationship.

You have to have someone who's absolutely totally right for you, who's functional, available and compatible on all levels.

And you have to learn about and use Universal Laws to draw that in, because that type of person is not going to be in high numbers in the population.

You need to transcend that by using the Universal Laws. When you can do that, you'll draw in very fast exactly what you need and want, even if there's may be hardly anyone in the population that meets your criteria. It's very powerful when you learn how to use it. But you've got to learn how to use it; otherwise, you're just rolling the dice and leaving it up to chance.

So if you have any questions on what resources are highest and best for you, drop us a line at the Centre, Sometimes people will call and we're busy with appointments, but if we're there, we will pick up the phone. Our phone number is published in many of our books, tapes and other materials.

Okay. Thanks very much. Until then, have a great day!

Warm Regards,

Dr Robby

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