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How To Find and Attract Your Ultimate Soul Mate?

We teach systems that involve using the Universal Laws and Principles to bring in your “highest and best” Ultimate Soul Mate. So in keeping with that, I want to help you with a mind shift that I really didn’t understand for years and years.

I had read all this material on all these subjects in all these areas, and some were contradictory and some were confusing in a way. I just want to help you in clarifying it and understanding the nature of the Universe and the nature of attractive energy.

One of the things that is very attractive is the energy of love and joy. If we understand these energies, these are very light, fine energies.

They’re really not forceful or heavy or magnetic-type forces in the sense of how we conventionally use these terms in our English language. Magnetic feels like a force. Drawing something in feels like you’re pulling something, like a force. When you think of a force, it’s something that is very powerful. The Universe is very powerful and synchronicity is very powerful. You may think of that as heavy and forceful.

That’s actually backwards to how it actually is. It’s very light, fine energy. People who bend spoons – and I’m not in to bending spoons and stuff – generate a very fine, light energy, like joy, when you’re laughing.


That’s an interesting technique, but it’s sort of smoke and mirrors. But it does demonstrate exactly how the Universe works, because it works on attraction and energy. It works on resonant vibration. It’s energetic.

It’s not using forces and force of energy and force of will to draw in what you want. In fact, if you have any force of will, if you have heaviness on your mind or any need or anxiety or attachment, these just create energies that give you a headache but wont change your life.

It’s the light, fine energy of joy and love that will transform and transcend your reality.

It’s a matter-of-fact, natural energy; not even giving it a second thought is the attitude and energy that creates amazing results in your reality. If there is something that you want, put it in the resonant base vibration and let it go. It’s a fun, light, easy energy, a natural energy, a fun energy.

It’s effortless. It really isn’t like a heavy force, although it’s described in many texts as magnetic energy and the force of the Universe, the higher forces the Universal Laws. It is all that in nature but not in feel.

These are ways of describing it, but it really sort of sets you off in a direction, because “mind power” and “Universal power,” power sounds like it’s heavy and strong. None of the forces that shift your present reality are heavy in any way. They are very fine and light, high vibrational vibrations, so it’s like greasing the wheels so things slip and move and change.

Here’s an analogy that may help you understand. When you have a solid, like ice – water can be ice, liquid water or steam. In the solid form, this energy of water is hard to sculpt and manipulate.

Yeah, you can get out a chisel. Right now it’s mid winter in Canada and there’s an ice-sculpting contest that comes up. We have people getting out there with chisels and doing all sorts of things to compete.

With water, water can move to all sorts of levels and mold to any shape of the container it is in. If you’ve ever had water in your house, it goes everywhere. If you’ve had a leaky basement, you can see where water seeps in from a leak somewhere.

It’s all those kinds of things that are causing some difficulty in terms of changing things and water going all over the place. When you put water into a glass it will assume any shape of the glass. It’s quite malleable.

Then as a gas, things can seep all over the place, even finer than with water and it will assume any shape. In fact a gas can move into very small spaces.

Another analogy would be like using oil or grease to get something out or loose.

If you increase the energy through love and joy to these higher, finer vibrations, your subjective reality can be molded to your desire very quickly. So the key is to be in that vibration, and that will affect your environment and help mold your environment.

Conceptually it’s like loosening everything up and then shifting it, as opposed to using some force to hammer something different. It’s kind of a different concept, if you get my metaphor. It might be confusing.

But really the simplest thing to do is to get a clear idea of what you want. Set it and forget it. Allow the Universe to do that. Be in love in joy, happiness, light, natural, no worries, no anxiety, and just a calm peace. When I in this calm, peaceful, joyful, love state, just focusing on expressing and being in the moment that’s when things happen.

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