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Dr. Robby here with a quick insight for those of you on the path to find your Ultimate Soul Mate.

Now some of you may know that how I define an Ultimate Soul Mate is they are a Soul Mate that you have all the Chemistry, Connection, Love, Sex, & Fun with as well as you are Compatible.

So many folks get caught up with being with their Soul Mates which have the Chemistry, Connection and Fun and some compatibilities but there always seems to be something that blocks the unfolding of the Relationship, be it an unavailability and there are as many as 7 of those and or basic compatibility with Personality, Communication Mode, Lifestyle, Values and Life Vision & Philosophy.

When I discovered the Secret to Manifesting my Ultimate Soul Mate Melody who I call "Kitten"in some of our Audios that we give away and or sell, I was able to have her pop into my life in about 48 hours.

Did you know that your Ultimate Soul Mate are totally into you know matter what you look like your age, height, weight etc.

They love you for you and they seem to be jazzed about all that you are and all that you naturally express. So what you are about satisfies them and intrigues them forever.

Its so different than when I would struggle, fight, worry and obsess about trying to meet someone or make a relationship I was in last.

I didn't know the Secrets we teach now in our programs like love by design at and our True Love on Demand Program at

Secrets like when you love yourself and you are into yourself and you care for yourself people start to care for you, they are into you and they fall madly in love with you.

What we are is broadcast by our Subconscious and draws in like.

Its really cool.

Anyway if you have any questions please contact me at

Warm Regards,

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