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The “Little Known Reasons” that are Stopping You from Drawing in Your Ultimate Soul Mate

As I listen and read materials on Prosperity and Abundance, I often can see why people may not understand the big picture and at times fail to draw in all their good, including one's “Ultimate Soul Mate Relationship” and “Money.”

For years I read tons of books on the subject, went to seminars and listened to tapes every night on my “Walkman” so I could discover the “Secrets of the Universe” and have what I want in life.

With each new book, author or audio, I seemed to get another piece of the puzzle. However, I wasn’t able to see the entire picture.

We so much desire to have the love of our life and financial comfort, so the question is “if abundance is our natural state and there is an ultimate soul mate for everyone, and we want them to come into our life, then why is it not happening now?”

Here are some clues that may be blocking your good. In fact, here are seven reasons that may be causing you to block out your good.

It's like having a bubble around you in a “sea of prosperity” effectively stopping you from having all that you want.

Let's go over these seven areas and see if any apply to your situation.

Lack of Deservability and Self-Love

If we feel we are not good enough, or that we have to be or do something to have the level of income and/or to have the love of our life and ideal mate, then we are in negative judgment of ourselves, and that lack of love to ourselves will repel money and our highest and best mates.

People will love us if we love ourselves and feel worthy and deserving of love and money. The Universe will guide you step by step to all that you need and want if you focus first on loving yourself, and second on loving others unconditionally.

When we take care of ourselves and follow the foundational principle of "Self-Love” by caring for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and as we evolve in consciousness in these areas, we will draw in greater prosperity and our ideal partners.

Our consciousness determines the level of partner we attract. No matter who you are, there are people at any level of your consciousness that will love you for who you are and where you are in life.

The key, though, is if you want you highest and best relationship, you need to have the consciousness to not only attract it, but to support and keep it.

Part of that consciousness is being someone who loves, accepts and takes care of himself or herself first, in a healthy way.

We all deserve to have someone who is totally in to us, no matter what our level of consciousness and development is.

That is available to us right now if we don’t block our good by negative habits, feelings and beliefs about ourselves.

Later this year and/or in 2007, we are coming out with a Self-Love Program that will give you a simple, easy pathway to peace and prosperity.

In the meantime, wait for articles on this blog and customer blog on this subject, and start practicing loving and taking care of yourself in little ways in all areas of your life, each moment of the day.

Know that you are lovable and that you are worthy of love from yourself and others.

2. Not Having a “Highest and Best” Focus & Consciousness

When You Increase Your Level of Relationship and/or Financial Mastery, this consciousness, linked with a focus of wanting highest and best for yourself, will guarantee your success.

We attract what we are, so if you drawing in people who are dysfunctional and/or not giving us what we want, we need to look in the mirror and determine our own level of functionality, availability and compatibility.

We draw in our own level of functionality and availability, although our partner may have a different form of availability and/or functionality.

We essentially attract our bookend. The Universe is a big mirror.

If we don’t understand the concept of “highest and best,” then we will settle and take on people and situations that are not in our best interest.

If we have a low level of relationship mastery or consciousness, we will draw in people who are similar, and because we are not loving ourselves or understanding that we deserve our highest and best, we put up with them.

The solution here is to increase our level of Relationship and/or Financial Mastery.

There are lots of resources on the Internet, and especially on all our blogs in this area, as well as in the Love by Design Program and the Counsellor in a Box Programs.

As you increase your consciousness in these areas, you will learn what is your “Highest and Best” partner, career and life, and then take steps to “Create It.”

Patterns Programs and Unmet Childhood Needs

Frankly, our Subconscious Mind, in its mission to protect us and serve us, absorbs rhythms, patterns and habits. The Subconscious will pick up things from our families and society that will actually cause money and love to repel away from us.

I came from a pretty dysfunctional family, social scene and society, and picked up many bad habits, dysfunctional patterns and programs.

Even with good conscious intentions, I previously (until I knew how to eliminate these patterns, et cetera) would bring in a duality (a mix of good and bad) and/or something that was outright dysfunctional.

This was frustrating and hurtful, and eventually the stress of all this almost killed me!!

I had no clue that I was creating on a Subconscious level situations and people that reflected rhythms, patterns and dysfunction that were not my highest and best.

As well, I had lots of “unmet childhood needs” that would cause me to draw in as well, subconsciously, partners, people and situations which replicated my family of origin's rhythms and feelings.

An example of a childhood need is validation. If you were never validated as a kid or young adult, you crave positive attention and validation. You then get into situations and seek validation

We tend to attract partners that have similarities to early family and partners.

This is so that we might have a second chance to resolve these unmet needs and create what we want and need.

However, the problem is that if we attract similar people we WON'T GET OUR NEEDS MET.

Since I didn’t realize what my unmet childhood needs were and that the people I was attracting could not meet my needs long term, even if they wanted to, these relationships would JUST REPEAT THE LOUSY EXPERIENCES AND FEELINGS I HAD and not give me what I desired.

This happened because I would draw in people who were like my family, and these people could not give me what I needed and wanted.

The fact is some people you play with can’t or won’t meet your needs.

We need to understand about and draw in people and situations that take care of us in the way that is highest and best for us.

If you cycle with people who don’t meet your needs, you set yourself up for a life filled with hurt, confusion, disappointment and frustration.

When I started to understand this area of myself and my life, I woke up and started to “smell the coffee” about how I kept recreating scenarios unconsciously, and I had to realize that I needed to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and stop this.

I had to learn about the reality of the Subconscious Mind and what its structure and function were, and then, as we have to learn when we learn about computers, I needed to learn how to program and deprogram this machine.

The Subconscious Mind is like a “big computer hard drive” with a “simple operating system.” However, it can be frustrating if you do not know how it works.

Do you remember when you first learned about computers how difficult it was? Until you got the right sequence or code, things didn’t work the way you wanted.

When you get an understanding on how to work a system or process, then things become fast, easy and simple to use.

In 2007, I will be releasing a program tentatively called the “The Secret to Creating the Life and Relationships of Your Dreams.”

I have studied every kind of program on how to work with the subconscious mind that are out there, and most of them are NOT EFFECTIVE.

About five years ago, I discovered the “missing link” as to how to effectively work with the Subconscious to Program and “de-Program” it fast and easy in a simple-to-understand and use application.

With this missing link, I created a new system. This “discovery” allowed me to develop a method that takes just moments to knock out years and years of dysfunction and/or running a negative pattern or patterns.

It's like highlighting text and pressing delete. It's really profound and simple, and Melody and I use it any time we find a pattern in ourselves and/or our clients at the Centre.

We can have between 25 to 100 programs and patterns in our subconscious that are creating havoc with our life.

I have knocked out most of my multitude of programs and patterns, as has Melody. However, occasionally we find a wee program we missed that we don’t like. As soon as we become aware, we then identify it, zap it out, and then replace it with a rhythm and pattern that is highest and best for us.

These “wee patterns” are few and far between now. However, as we evolve to higher levels of consciousness and a higher quality of life, we can always keep adding on patterns and programs that take us to the next level. It seems like the levels of good are infinite.

So it's really fun having a life that just keeps getting better and better.

I really would like this program out right now. My Intuition bangs on my door every day urging me to get this program out. However, I have been working with Cucan on three other programs that are coming out this fall and winter, so as soon as these are out, I will get this done.

It's really a priority and is a fundamental base to everything else we teach. To understand and use this program is an act of "Self-Love,” to love, care and feed properly your “Subconscious Mind.”

Till then, I have a free audio and PDF file called "Neutralizing Patterns," that I sent to Cucan who will be releasing it on one of our blogs, or her blog, so keep a watch for it.

Take Responsibility for Your Results and Learn about How Life and the Universe Really Work.

In addition to having to understand and take responsibility for what my subconscious mind was broadcasting 24/7 and neutralize patterns that were not highest and best for me, I had to understand how to use the Universal Attraction Machinery and System.

Years ago when I was starting to learn and use consciously and unconsciously this system, I made a few mistakes.

If you read the book I wrote called True Love on Demand,, you will see how I put into the Universal Attraction System negative feelings, intentions and ego-based desires that created all sorts of boom-backs that knocked me down and created terrible situations in my life. (If you take advantage of some of the free download packages that Cucan is offering, you will get some of these Wizard Training audios free.)

The Subconscious Mind and the Universal Laws work together, and most of this is unconscious, especially if you, like me, came from a logical, scientific background.

As well, being a skeptic and not very spiritual when I was younger caused me to doubt my intuition and desire to explore other areas. My EGO created all sorts of negative events, traumas and boom-backs because of my ignorance of the Subconscious Mind and Universal Machinery.

After I crashed, I certainly was open to researching in this area because the system predicated by the Competitive Adversarial System we have in our world wasn’t working for me and caused me a lot heartache, loss and sickness.

At that point I was able to expand my perspective, and then learned many of the things we now teach in our programs.

I had to wake up and acknowledge the reality of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect and the other Universals Laws and Principles we teach in our Wizard Apprenticeship Program.

I had to understand the Relationship between the Subconscious Mind and the Universal Mind, Laws and Principles to start effectively using these systems to draw in my good.

The Universe doesn’t do anything until you love and take care of yourself by using the system correctly.

If you act blindly, unconsciously or do nothing, you will just get what is default, or in other words, what you picked up in your early life and from our society's mass consciousness, which is mostly based on struggle and lack.

This is not the highest and best way to operate this powerful machinery.

So you when you take responsibility to learn about these systems and how to use them correctly, you can then access the POWER to “Create Your Dreams.”

Not Imaging and Understanding Vision and Visualization

Sometimes when I need or want something, I forget to image it. When I forget, the Universe does nothing to bring me my good in that area, so I usually end up waiting around wondering why nothing is happening.

When I image, I set a chain of events in motion that creates a direct response from my Higher Self in a Form of a Vision, and if I ignore that, my good doesn’t appear, either.

So it's not simply a matter of Visualization. It's actually a two-step process.

Note: This is a pure plug for my True Love on Demand Program.

In that program, I have an audio that explains the difference between Visualization and Visioning.

It’s a critical difference, because “Visualization” is rooted in one's ego and/or a potentially mixed ego and soul desire, whereas a “Vision” is a direct communication from Your Higher Self/Source of a “True Soul Desire.”

The Universe is set up to manifest very fast our “True Soul Desires.”

We do have free will and can manifest other desires that are mixed or are pure ego. However, they will come in with lots of effort, and eventually cause chaos and be taken out.

Frankly, I urge you not to bother with creating duality and ego demands.

I suggest you go directly to a consciousness that understands and supports your “souls desires,” and then take responsibly the actions in the Universal Mind and Subconscious Systems to create only those highest and best dreams into your life and subjective reality.

I cannot tell you strongly enough how important this is.

Every moment of my day now I discern what is highest and best for me, and what is a soul desire, and what is not.

As I maintain that pathway and flow, every dream and desire I have the consciousness for manifests extremely fast.

There is a system we teach that allows you how to clearly understand how this process works and how you can use it every time you want what you want, and need to know what is highest and best for you.

This knowledge is the key. I urge you to only use this system and method of manifestation.

6. Lack of Self-Love and Love for Others

As you can see, if you don’t take Responsibility for Your Results by not caring for, maintaining and programming the Subconscious, you will just be an effect of the
Interaction between your Subconscious and the Universal Law.

If you fail to understand how to use the “Universal Attraction System,” and/or if you are too lazy to Image and develop a relationship with your Soul and Higher Self through Vision and Intuition, you will also will fail to Take Care of Yourself and Create Your Highest and Best.

Self-Love is understanding and learning about the structure and function of these systems, and as well how to use them to support your Highest and Best Soul Dreams and Desires.

If you blame luck or others for your fate, you will be mired in “Powerlessness,” and you will be stuck for years, or even for your whole life.

We are here to help train you in processes and systems that allow you to have all that you desire.

You deserve to have all your dreams come true, and it's easy when you have the 411 on how to do that.

Stop Seeking Power or Authority outside Yourself and “Stop” using Blame, External Fixes and Struggle to get what you want.

The Key here is to learn how to use the System.

That first starts with learning about the structure and function of the system.

Then from there, one learns how to access and use the system.

Attitudes of Gratitude, Self-Love, Declaration and an unshakable Faith in the System will aid you in accessing and using this system, which will lead you to creating all that you desire.

We spoke of taking responsibility for our Results, and so our focus must shift to “who is looking back at you in the mirror?”

We create our “Personal Subjective Reality.” No one else is at fault or responsible for that.

Yes, however, if we don’t use the system or are ignorant of it, it will run on default, which for most of us will not be our highest and best, but a mixed bag at best.

Stop wishing and hoping for the Universe and God to help you.

The Universe will move when you do by creating awareness and consciousness of its systems.

Until then, it will just run on automatic.

The system is actually set up for everyone’s highest and best good. However, if it runs on automatic, our personal life may not be what we want it to be.

We need to act in our own highest and best interest.

The Universe wants you to “take care of yourself first" and then love others by allowing them to be, and if they are not what we need and want, to draw from the Natural Abundance that surrounds us.

The System is centered on “You” and what you put into it.

It's not about what other people are doing or not doing for and with you.

The focus is on working with the machinery, not trying to influence others. It is about your relationship with the Universe, not about blaming or urging others to be what you want them to be.

It's about drawing in from the Universe the types of people and resources that are highest and best, and letting all the others go and be what they are and need to be, even if that does not serve you.

So the External Fixes and manipulation that we learn in normal society’s Competitive Adversarial Paradigm and system doesn’t work long term, and does not create our highest good.

It, in fact, stops us from accessing all the natural abundance and love around us.

When you cling on to people and situations that are not serving you, you don’t make way for, and, in fact, you block your good that you could get from others that are highest and best for you to come in.

Develop Personal Mastery, Relationship Mastery and Universal/Life Mastery so you can access the System and Create Your Highest and Best Good.

The Universe wants us to access all the good that surrounds us. Because of our consciousness and programming, we block it out.

Take steps to break down that consciousness and bubble and create a consciousness that allow the natural love and abundance to be part of our personal subjective reality.


So there you have seven reasons that are the Why and How that you are blocking your Highest and Best Good.

Now it's up to you to remove these blocks and evolve your consciousness so you can have all that you deserve, desire and dream about.

So get started today and learn what you need to learn so you can develop the consciousness and level of personal, relationship and universal life mastery that will allow all your Highest and Best Good to move into your life.

We have created all our materials that we offer to that end.

If you have any questions as to what resources can help you, write me personally at

Thanks and Good luck!

I’ll talk to you soon….

Dr. Robby
LMC Relationship Centre

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