Saturday, September 22, 2007


Are You A "Yeah, But I'm Special" Person?

At our Centre we on occasion come across individuals who are looking for information to solve this “incredible” or “complicated” or “totally horrendous and many times quite sad situations they are in.

Since we are practical and streetsmart, we give them advice and solutions they could not get anywhere else and some of them sometimes just say “ Thank you for the information, the information is sound, I understand and it’s probably works for other people… but… this is special or a unique situation so that wouldn’t work for me.”

The Fact is the Universe sees everyone the same in the sense that everyone is subject to Universal Law, so no one is really special although everyone’s ego makes them feel this way because of their unique situation, how ever even though the specifics are unique they are still governed by principle and universal law.

Then they launch into why it wouldn’t work and add a new piece to the intricate puzzle they have weaved.

Now I can’t be too hard on these folks because I was one of these unique special people with a unique special circumstance that would render me powerless in spite of the best help or information.

People create an unsolvable reality because of their mindset. Their paradigm affects their perception so that even in an abundant world with limitless options they only see a small part of the potential and lock themselves in to double blinds and a reduced set of choices that lock them out of getting what they want in the way they want

So they seem to be in an unsolvable situation.

So is their problem really unsolvable? Are we scratching our head wondering about how they have the energy to write 20 emails adding every little twist to their story to make sure they get every conceivable detail out because of course their story and situation is totally unique?

Well it only seems to unsolvable to them for at a certain level of consciousness they are actually NOT able to solve their problem.

The Consciousness that is required to solve an issue or issues is higher than where the person is at so they have to spin like a hamster in a wheel until they transcend to a paradigm and level of consciousness that will allow them to see all the perceptual options previously blocked out by their limited vision.

Now myself in the past and many of the folks who find themselves in supposedly no win, unsolvable situations actually have a pattern that causes them to lock themselves from the answer which is information or a coach that can shift their consciousness.

Now while this is all going on you might wonder, if we all create our reality, why would they want to create unsolvable problems for themselves?

Are they just looking for attention and or a support base? Are they just trapped in the Old C.A.P. ego patterns of needing a problem to solve? Is it a subconscious mind pattern? Is it just an unconscious habit or maybe a mismatching metaprograms?

Well, it can be any or all of the above, however it can also be something else going on that we discovered about myself when I was younger where I would create crazy, unbelievable, unsolvable, “special/and or unique” situations for myself that would prevent myself from having success in any area of my life.

What I created for myself stemmed from the belief that if I suffered and pit myself against insurmountable odds when I rose above and conquered my horrendous obstacles not only would I gain and earn my own sense of self-respect and self worth, everyone else would also recognize my odyssey and all that I went through to break through. In other people’s eyes I would have worth, respect and be a hero. It’s like the little hobbits in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy or Carl Jung’s “Hero” and “The Odyssey” archetypes.

Unfortunately this approach to gaining title, worth and a sense of deservability doesn’t always work for myself and others for several reasons:

I would set my “Difficulty Dial” up so high I couldn’t get out of the creation I started.

I spent most of my life in a state of struggle.
At the end of the day people didn’t notice what I achieved.
Other people in my life would runaway or shutdown or shut me off because they couldn’t take my constant unsolvable problems anymore.
I would bring a whole bunch of people into my unsolvable problem with me.
I would not get what I targeted or what I wanted from launching my journey in the first place. E.g. Win the respect of the girl like in the “The Great Gatsby”.
I put my body in a stressful state which leads to health problems.

So is there a better way to be a hero?

Actually to understand the answer we are giving you here you actually have to shift your paradigm of what reality is and how reality works.

We create our reality through the patterns and programs of our Subconscious Mind Field.

Reality is Fluid so we draw in people places and things that support our dysfunctional patterns and programs.

In a way everything is staged and/or made up for our benefit whether it’s good, bad, ugly or amazing.

The Fact is we are love and it is an abundant world and it is our natural state to have the life of our dreams. If we don’t have that then we have some sort of pattern or program that is limiting our inherent good , love and peace of mind so something is blocking and wrecking all that we desire and deserve and that can be removed once we become of aware of the Universal & Subconscious Mind systems.

So here are some points to consider on the Real Way to be your Own Hero:

Well, of course accepting that YOU are an unconditionally loved, perfect, equal and worthy piece of the universe is the ultimate paradigm shift, so that way they wouldn’t need to seek approval from outside sources.

Also realize that if YOU really need to be a hero, then it is much easier to be a hero by getting what you want easily and effortlessly.

Since YOU do create your own reality you can draw in people into YOUR life that sees YOU as a role model of success, happiness and joyful living who want to be abundant in all areas of life. It’s then a win-win for everyone, everyone is expanding instead of remaining stuck in their unsolvable problem, instead everyone including YOURSELF is problem free and unstoppable in pursing the life of their dreams.

So to wrap it up, if you are special and have a special problem know too that Yes you can succeed as well. There is a special answer for you when you first understand the principle and laws that govern our subjective reality and the universe.

And understand that no matter how difficult and unique your situation is there is an answer that can shift you to a place where you can access the information and secrets that can create for even you the life and relationships of your dreams.

Warm Regards

Dr. Robby

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