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Are THOUGHTS Things??

What!!! You are probably saying, how can this be.Yes, I am sure this sounds like heresy in this new age of Secret and Law of Attraction Material.

Dr. Robby are you saying that if I think about the love of my life and or visualize manifesting my soul mate it might not happen.

Are you saying that if I focus on wealth and material good instead of what I don’t want it wont come into my life.

Robby what are you saying actually.

Well these are all good questions, but first before I answer them I would like to give you a bit of a personal history lesson.

For years I visualized. I was a champion martial artist for years and would compete successfully in major tournaments all across North America.

If you have heard of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee you probably know that these experts used visualization and positive thinking before they would enter the ring.

I spent some time in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Centre and knew that the top champions in the world would regularly be trained in and use visualization.

So whats the deal you might be wondering when I say that thinking and visualizing about things wont make it happen.

Well I have visualized moves and eventually had them come to pass. I have had feelings of winning and achieving things and they have come to pass, however there is a caveat.


In fact there are 2 major systems

One is our Subconscious PatterningTwo is Universal Flow.

Actually while I am thinking about it. When you can feel something will happen you are probably sensing the rhythm of a subconscious program or pattern happening.

Have you ever got the feeling that a partner was going to do something even though it might be something you would think they wouldn’t do but they did and it turned out to be a similar pattern to your previous partner.

Well that’s an example of a Subconscious Pattern running.

So even though your conscious thoughts are about everything going good and nice bam, you are caught in a reality that seems to be a reflection of past stuff.

So you might be wondering why then if you are practicing the law of attraction and doing the stuff in the Secret why is your partner or potential love of your life so darn hard to predict.

Well, in True Love on Demand, I speak of the time when I was chasing Virginia. I was thinking obsessively about getting with her. Did these obsessive thoughts make it happen. No In fact my obsessive thinking was symptom of my severe stress and anxiety disorder. A by product of a digital thinker who’s life isn’t going the way they want.(Read Melody’s Love by Design to understand about Digitals and Analyticals.)

In fact as time went on and the more I would think about being with her the less promising our future was looking.

Remember at this time in my life I was a champion martial artist. Did my great powers of Visualization charm Virginia into leaving her Raymond and come with me. No
I guess Ray could out visualize me.….or could he???

And Ray was in fact visualizing as well.He was the only person I had ever met that would at a certain time each day get on the floor, lie down and go into a meditative state and visualize things he was seeking.

At that time it was a job and new home and a new life with Virg.

At the time I didn’t understand how the Forces of the Universe and Internal Forces of People worked.

In True Love on Demand I demonstrate to you “How not to use Universal Forces.” In fact I will teach you about boombacks that happen when you weave Universal Forces with the wrong vibes.

This is all amazing stuff, however a lot of what I teach supercedes what you learn in the Law of Attraction and Secret Books.

I was actually listening to the Secret just before I wrote this article. I have it in Audio Form from and so I have it on my Computer on ITunes and I have an Ipod that I listen to when I cuddle with Melody in bed.

You are probably thinking, oh Dr. Robby sounds like a real person. Yes I am real and do real things.

In fact its funny, I get a lot of emails from people saying.Oh, I hope I am actually talking to a real person and I usually write back saying. Yes I am real.

Many times I write emails while sitting with Melody as we watch TV and movies and play on our computer in our Media Room. We call it the Writers Loft.

Anyway enough about me, lets talk about me some more. well actually about what I learned about “thoughts are things”

So my point is that thoughts are NOT things.

Decision is powerful though

Melody and I decided a few months ago to get a new home.

We are always buying houses and moving around cause we are Real Estate Developers as well as Guru’s.

So within a few days, boom we had sold our house and bought a new one.

All from a thought. Cause we were thinking of moving for a year or so and nothing happened till we definitely decided. Get it????

Well you see, its was more than a thought.It was a decision. Are thoughts things, No they are thoughts.

You can spin in your head for years with no decision and have no effect on people, places and things.

There are nut houses full of people spinning in their head all sorts of thoughts and imaginings.

They don’t mention that in the SECRET do they?

Are decisions things. No

HOWEVER, they do put out there energy that affects the flow of things.

Have you heard the statement

When man/woman definitely decides, Providence moves too.

I always wondered when I heard that line, do they mean Providence Rhode Island.

Hey if any of my readers are from Rhode Island, let me know if Providence moves everytime someone makes a decision.

Well I am just being funny here to make a point.

The fact is I do watch synchronicity happen EVERY TIME I MAKE A DEFINITE DECISION.

The Forces of the Universe do rally around.

In our Wizard Apprentice Audio’s we give you powerful clues how to work with these forces.
Will they bend the will of the person you are pursing right now.

What do you think???

There is a lot going on below the surface that you need to be aware of.

In any event, what are the answers, the digital mind spins and wonders.

I spent 20 years getting these answers. I now offer them to readers and clients.

I have navigated through all the BS and broken promises.

Remember, a lot of stuff on the Net is just hype and marketing so its hard sometimes to know the difference of what is real and what is not.

My mission is to give you the Real Deal.

In fact my publishers, gasp everytime I give them, the No BS Real Truth about things, cause frankly fantasy and appealing to ones illusions makes more money.

Thank God for you folks, I get my fortune from Real Estate and my other biz so I don’t have to depend on making stuff up that sounds like what you as readers want to hear just to sell more books..

In fact many people who have wrote me, get the straight goods even though I know its not what they want to hear.

The Truth will set you free, however first of all many times it will piss you off cause its not what you want to hear.

I was at the Centre a few weeks ago and a client was waiting for Tanis.

He said you are Dr. Robby aren’t you.

I said Yes.

He said, How come I am not seeing you, I understand you are some big expert and guru on Relationships. I said Yes, I am however I only see people who are interested in the Truth and what I have heard about your case you are not interested in the Truth.

He said, Oh yeah why would I want not to hear the truth.

I said cause people have agendas and lot of folks at a given stage come to counselling or read books cause they have an agenda of getting some person to do this or that.

He said Really, Try me.

Well, I certainly like this fellow’s spirit. His name is Arron.

So I started telling Arron some truth about relationships. I was talking about highest and best and how his situation may not be aligned with soul desires.

He stopped me in mid sentence and said.

Hey, I don’t like the sound of this. I don ‘t like what I am hearing and where this is going.

So I replied back, that’s why I only see certain clients in my inner circle who are ready to learn about reality and how create the life of their dreams from that platform.

He said thanks, and Tanis at that moment came out and he went into his session. At the end of his session he was happier and nodded to me on his way out.

A few weeks later, he came back beaming. Apparently over a few sessions, Tanis with her amazing style was able to gently impart Truth to Arron.

I am kind of blunt and too forthright for most folks, however Tanis has a more subtle approach and warmer personality so she is very effective with clients.

In any event Arron said Hey Rob, You were right.I did not want to hear the TruthI had an agenda and I was not in the mood to listen to anything contrary to what that was. But thanks you really opened my eyes and I bought Melody's Love by Design book you co wrote and now I understand why I have been having so much difficulty with my girlfriend and why I shouldn’t really waste a lot of time with her.

I am keen on getting your True Love on Demand book now cause I am able to leave her and find my true soul mate.

Well I felt kind of vindicated, cause I have over the years gotten a lot of negative feedback when giving folks the real deal.

In any event Arron has moved on and now attracting wonderful relationships. I sort of got off the topic here.

So you can see if you have a bunch of thoughts and an agenda like Arron did and I did with Virginia that even with using the Secret Stuff will not get your girl back, or get the job you want of have a BMW show up in your driveway.

However don’t despair, and get discourage. There is an answer and its even better than you can imagine.

There is a powerful system that we can tap. Universal Forces are at your disposal, however you better learn how to use them and go with the Universal Flow and neutralize out your Subconscious Mind Patterns, otherwise all your thinking, hoping and Secret Stuff will be like flying in the face of a strong wind.

So Stay tuned for more good stuff in a couple of weeks.Cucan updates this blog every 10 days or so.

As well each month we give those who have bought out books, secret insider stuff that is always updated each month. See there is a law of attraction I am really keen on teaching my Inner Circle over the next few months ( those who have bought True Love on Demand book) using 5th Dimensional Creation using Synchronicity and the Magnetic Force of Love.

I had no idea back in the day how to tap this force of good.Now I don’t even bother with any thinking or visualization.

When we wanted to get our new house. I set these forces into motion and with 48 hours our whole home world changed and we had multiple offers on our property and an accepted offer on our new digs. Powerful Stuff!!

Anyway enough about me., see you in a week or so with a new article.

Warm Regards

~ Dr Robby
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