Saturday, January 13, 2007


Demystifying the Three Books! (Part 1)

Here’s another of my Audio transcript which I have recorded for my clients…to help you demystify our three books. It’s going to come in 3 parts. Enjoy!

Good evening. This is Dr. Rob, and I’m having fun, listening to the radio waiting for Kitten, which is Melody, my soul mate. And I wanted to talk tonight a little bit about True Love on Demand and Love By Design and Counselor in a Box and sort of how they all relate together, because people ask, “What book is best for me?” And a lot of times, depending on what your situation is, one book will be better for you than the other.

We recommend that you eventually read all of them, especially if you are in the True Love on Demand phase where you’re going out and trying to attract your ultimate love and soul‑mate relationship. You need a certain level of relationship consciousness and mastery in order to keep your relationship once you have it.

So if you just read the True Love on Demand book and you use the principles there, the metaphysical principles to attract, and understanding some of the dynamics that we teach in that book, and you draw in the love of your life, someone with whom you could have an ultimate relationship, and you don’t have a high level of consciousness, you haven’t done some personal evolution and relationship mastery training, then you could mess it up.

So we recommend that for those of you in that stage of finding the love of your life because you’ve left your relationship or you’ve decided definitely you don’t want your old relationship anymore, present one or past one, and you want to move on and go to the highest ultimate level, then we recommend that you also read the other books that you haven’t so far.

We’re going to have a whole bunch of other books come out in 2006 and 2007, and they will be in other areas of relationships, parenting, evolution and development. These are really sort of our core books.

We’ve sort of started writing and organizing our material in a way that it all builds on each other, and ultimately our goal and our mission is to help people create the life and relationship of their dreams. And this is in all sorts of areas. And ultimately “relationship” goes through the whole fabric of the universe. I mean, everything’s about relationships; your relationship with your body, your relationship with your kids, your relationship with your partner, your relationship with your environment, with your house, with your money, your career. You know, everything.

What is a relationship? A mutual fulfilling of needs. It’s knowing how to relate to or work with or align with what is highest and best for us. Take your body, for example. If you don’t give your body its highest and best resources, the environment and nutrition, et cetera, you’re not going to get back much and you will probably get unwell. . If you don’t treat your partner right based on their highest and best and your highest and best, you’re not going to have a good relationship. The same with your money, if you don’t treat that well, you end up losing your home, your car, et cetera. Again, everything’s about relationships and how you relate to things, even material things, as well as other things: Your computer even; if you don’t know how to work it, you’re going to be in trouble.

So looking at your situation, where are you at? Counselor in a Box was originally designed to illustrate what I do day-to-day with couples at the Centre in trying to resuscitate, renovate, revitalize their relationships. These people are committed to staying together; they want to make it work.

Some are deluding themselves, you know, they shouldn’t want to stay in the relationship, but again, that’s their goal and mission, that’s their dream, that’s their focus, that’s their need in terms of working in this area of their relationship. They want to keep it. Maybe they have kids and a mortgage commitment, history, family pressure, all sorts of pressure that they want to keep it together. So they’re totally committed to make every attempt at doing that.

I mean, that’s originally how I started out 20 years ago when I started to learn about relationship information. I started to learn relationship information so that I could help myself maintain and keep my relationships.

Now, I was pretty dysfunctional at the time. I was with pretty dysfunctional people. I didn’t realize how I was wasting my time back then, but, you know, you want to try. I remember going to counseling with Michelle, my wife at the time, and I was committed to doing anything possible to make it work. I was stunned that the counselor sort of just sat there like a bump on a log and didn’t do anything. But that’s how counselors are trained; they’re trained just to sit and listen and support and offer some platitudes or whatever. They’re not trained, especially in our country, in Canada and in my area, to be directive or to be advice-giving or to be proactive or solution based in any way.

So I was really disappointed with the whole process. But at the time I really wanted to save my marriage with Michelle, which, looking back on it, why would I want to do that? But at the time that was my consciousness. I just didn’t know any better.

And not saying that you or the counselors don’t know any better, but they may not. You know, you have a right to have any kind of life you want. We have free will; it’s not up to me to decide or to judge you or your level. I mean, if by reading the material in Counselor in a Box and Love by Design, you develop your consciousness and decide that you’re sort of wasting your time, that’s fine, but I mean, wherever you’re at, you need to pursue your goals and dreams. And so if you’re in that moment but your level of consciousness feels that you want to resuscitate this relationship or do anything possible, I think that’s a good place to start.

~ Robby

To be continued…

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