Friday, September 05, 2008


Secrets of Know Who & What is Best For You


The “Secrets” of Knowing What is Highest & Best for You & How to Magically Follow The Pathway Of Your Ultimate Purpose & Destiny

The biggest confusion for people is around recognizing what is Highest & Best for them when making a choice.

As well people wonder & yearn for their Ultimate Purpose & Destiny & wish that they could get a Clear Acknowledgment of that Path, Direction & Destination.

Divine Design is indicated by Resonate Vibration

You Ultimate Destiny & Life Purpose Unfolds Gracefully as You Become Aware & Conscious of it for Your Body & Emotional Feelings Act as a Trusted Guide.

You can FEEL Resonate Vibration because it is Energizing & Feels Natural, Normal & Comfortable,

Its feels Peaceful & Light

The Best Way I can “Describe It”, is that it is a “Sense & Feeling of Upliftment.”

Another way to describe it is that is a Feeling Sense of being almost physically lifted and or buoyant.

Its seems to rise you up easily & gently like floating & or like the Wind Beneath Your Wings.

It happens in a moment & is sustained forever as you interact with what ever is Highest & Best for You at any given time.

You Feel Lighter & a sense of Connection to Everything. It’s a feeling of Being as One as You Come into Contact with anything that is Highest & Best For & or If You Start to Flow with Divinity along the Pathway of Your Life Purpose & Ultimate Destiny.

When I transisted into having everything in my Personal Enviroment be of Highest & Best Divine Design I really started to notice a difference in the Energy of what is Resonate Vibration or not.

People, Places & Things that were of Resonate Highest & Best Vibe would give me an Instant Feeling of Upliftment & Joy, which would be continuous & in fact the Energy, Joy & Love for it would Expand over Time.

This Upliftment Would be Energizing, Peaceful & Joyful.

The Upliftment Energizing Feeling is Not like a Jolt of Excitement nor does it have The Feeling of Struggle or Trying to Make Something Fit & or Work.

In fact it is Subtle most of the time, and I have passed over things & not noticed what is Highest & Best till I picked something that is not Highest & Best to give me a contrast.

This happens cause Highest & Best Does Not Hit You over the Head.

I used to not be that subtle, sensitive and or aware with sensory acuity type of guy and would need a “whack in the side of head” to get the point of something and or to figure something out.

The Soul Gently Urges.

It could be thru an “Inner Whisper” or a “Constant Back of the Head Vision” that Pops Up in the Quieter Moments.

It also could be a Kinesthetic Feeling State You are Moving too and or Conceptual Position & or Construct You are Trying to Reflect in Your Subjective Reality


As well, We all have an Ultimate Destiny Path we are gently being urged upon.

Life can stall or Block that Movement along that Higher Direction but its always there in the Background gently pushing us & urging us.

In fact the Greatest Challenge I have had in Creating My Dream Life is Being Distracted by ADL which are the “Activities of Daily Living.”

Until I developed a System to have a Disciplined Focus, I was overwhelmed by all the Choices & Contrasts we have in Our World as well as the all the Stuff that is important to life a normal life in our Society.

What I wanted to Create was fuzzy or non-existent until I got Connection with my Body & Emotional Feelings States which act a Clear Guides.

For Years it was Hit & Miss until I enlisted these signals & learn how to read them.

So Today, I do Know what person, place or thing is Highest & Best for me and or What is my best Direction & Destiny Life Purpose I now have Clarity & Divine Guidance at Every Turn.

Sometimes I ignore it or logic my way, away from it but soon I am brought back to what is Highest & Best when I strictly follow the Feeling Signals of Comfort, Energy & Upliftment.

As well Now, I see My Highest Destiny Pathway Unfolding clearly not, only in Myself, because of the Clear Body Signals of the Feelings of Comfort, Energy & Upliftment I also see it CLEARLY in those around me, be it, clients, student’s friends, relatives as well as people in the Public Eye.

When you engage On this Pathway & or Encounter some person, place or things that are Highest & Best for You, you Find that once You are Attuned to this Universal Feeling it is Unmistakable when its there.

The Joy, Peace, Energized Upliftment enlivens you & gives you a feeling of it all being worth will.

Melody has coined the term CUE as a reminder.
The C stands for Comfort
The U stands for Upliftment
The E stands for Energizing

I have added the letter Q to CUE & personally I call it Q-CUE
because of the Character Q on the Star Trek Series where Q who is Omnipotent Being that can Manifest Anything with the Snap of His Fingers and Q also stands for Quality of Life, which is the Goal of Our Dream Life to give us the Highest & Best Quality of Life.

When something is Highest & Best and or We are Consciously Moving Down Our Ultimate Destiny Pathway, both Heaven & Earth Move to Support us, many times in just the "Blink of an Eye."

If you have any further questions on these concepts feel free to discuss them with Your Coach or Myself.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Robby
Fall 2008

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