Monday, May 07, 2007


Why The Bleep Should I Forgive All The %+*^#@ Who Jerked Me Around In Relationships??

On the Spiritual Path you hear a lot about Forgiveness and Gratitude.

In my early years on my journey to enlightenment I thought that these were all very silly concepts, especially if you would of realized how many times I got played at the table of love.

That was back in the day, now over 20 years ago.

I have really come a long way baby from that original thinking.

Today I am a highly recognized Relationship Expert and basically a Guru to many people around the world and known in some parts as the Relationship Wiz.

Back in the mid eighties, though I was basically an idiot.

I was like a monkey with a machine gun, In fact I was dangerous cause I was learning about Universal Laws, Visualization and other principles so I could get the girl of my dreams.

I was looking for a more power and bigger stick to control and influence those around me so I could get what I wanted.

After I exhausted all the normal channels of personal development, sales, and communication techniques I realized I need more to influence and get with the people my ego felt were right for me.

In the True Love on Demand Package, you will see, if you read it how I was mistaken about using Universal Laws & Principles.

In fact I was using all these principles and laws the wrong way.

I was also mistaken as who was my highest and best.

I really confused the concept of Soul Mate and didn’t understand the Realtiy that we really should only purssue our Ultimate Soul Mate. I surely did not know the difference between the two back then.

As well, I had a lot of fear, resentment, anger, greed, lust and stupidity back then and because of all my training in the Competitive Adversarial Paradigm I mess up big time.

Now many of you reading this ARE MAKING THE SAME MISTATKES IDID, so I urge you to take the program and make the adjustments that took me years to make in just few short weeks.

Time is a wasting if you are approaching the GAME of LOVE the WRONG WAY.

Anyway back to the what I learned about Forgiveness & Gratitude.

One of the KEYs you will learn about other people is that may not be able to meet your needs. And if you persist in pursuing someone who isn’t your “Highest and Best Ultimate Soul Mate” you will get all sorts of chaos, boombacks and things taken out of your life.

When you pursue someone who is your SOULMATE but not your Highest & Best ULTIMATE SOULMATE, like I did with Virginia as I tell in one of the books in the program, you will learn some hard life lessons.

However when you get the Code and learn how to Use Universal Laws & Principles correctly you will then easily get all that your Heart Desires. As well you then can easily let go of any Resentment and Forgive all those around you who were not able to meet your needs.

Its easy to Forgive and Be Grateful when you have the Love of Your Life sitting on your lap telling you they Love you and show you in a hundred ways how and why they are so in to you.

Actually its hard to type this while Kitten is on my Lap here so I will finish off and if you have any questions email me at

Warm Regards

~ Dr. Robby & His Ultimate Soul Mate Kitten

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