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Unlock the Secrets To Her Mysterious Ways - 7 Ways Women Want To Feel Emotionally Secure!

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What are the 7 Ways women want to feel emotionally secure?!

You may find that there are ways that you can get your girlfriend or wife to feel emotionally secure. You will want to care on how secure they feel, because if they are not secure with who they are and the relationship, then it is doom to fail. For you to keep the relationship going you have to care.

You have to do things that make her feel special. You will need to make sure that you think about her everyday in the actions and words that you choose. You need to let her know that you care by looking at her for support as well. When a couple is able to support each other, they will be able to find the secret to a successful relationship.

First, you need to tell her that your love her everyday. You need to make sure that you tell her this, because sometimes she needs to know. You don't just want to tell her that you love her like after sex or when she does something for you, but after you have just gotten home or before you leave. You need to allow you to hear the words. The words say a lot, but they are hardly ever said.

Secondly, you will want to give her a hug or kiss for no reason. When you get home or before you leave you will want to make that physical connection to show her that you really do love each other. You need to also think about times like when you go to bed or awaken. This is a great time to be romantic.

Also, you need to look at her like you see her and only her. You can't just go out and focus on everyone else. You need to look at her and her only. You need to prove to her that she's your one and only and you will find that this is only a natural feeling.

If you do find yourself roaming through a crowd of girls and wanting to do things, then this isn't the one and only and shouldn't fake it. But for all those guys who know they have found their soul mate, you need to start acting like you care for her only.

You need to do things for her too. Go get roses and bring them home just for her. Do something that will make her life a little easier, like giving her more closet space. Bring dinner home just for her. Do anything that you would think that would touch her and let her know that you have her back.

When she runs out of paint for the hall, be the first one to volunteer to get more. The little things count and they always count. You will want to plan something very special just for her.

Also to make her feel secure you have to catch her when she falls. You need to be there when she fails and you need to be there to give her support. You need to make sure she always has someone to give her a hug at the end of the race and you need to make sure that she has someone to bring her up after a hard day at work.

Not only do you have to support her when she fails, but you have to support her to be better. She needs to reach her own personal goals and if you love her, you will do anything that will help her to feel important and successful. You will need to support her, by all means, when it comes to her dreams.

Finally, you need to always leave her by doing something special so that she knows that she is the object of your affection. You may want to leave her a special love note, or you may want to do something to make her feel loved by giving a huge or kiss. You will find that there are tons of ways that you can improve your relationship, but always leave her with something.

You need to take your relationship serious. You need to work for her and try to show her that she is safe with you. You cannot 'be out' cheating on her or lying, because it will only hurt her in the end. Even if you try to cover up your shady behavior, it will hit her and knock her out. What you need to do is act like her man and that she is your one and only.

~ Cucan Pemo

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