Tuesday, November 21, 2006


How to Tell If You Are Being Authentic

In many of our books and articles we talk about being authentic and being authentic in our relationships. For some people recognizing when they are being authentic comes easy to them where as it can be a lot harder to determine for people who are pain avoiders, have codependent tendencies or have a lot of fear in general.

So we created a checklist for anyone who wants to have a system or way to be able to tell if they are being authentic or not. You can use the following list of questions in any order, and ask yourself as many of the questions as you need until you have a clear answer.

The following are the same questions that people can use to tell if they are receiving communication from their intuition as well.

Before making a decision or taking any action, ask yourself any or all of the following questions:

Does the situation feel…

Light or Dark?
Easy or Hard?
Like it is something that you would like to do or something that you feel forced to do?
Does it feel fun or a like a prison sentence?
Does it feel like a choice or like a should?
Does it feel open or repressive?
Uplifting or heavy?
Interesting or dull?
Does it feel free-flowing or a feeling of being blocked?
Does it feel peaceful or competitve/adverserial?
Do you get a warm feeling in your stomach or do you feel like there is a pit or sinking feeling in your stomach?
Does your body feel loose or tense?
Do you feel safe or threatened?
If it is a thought that you are deciding on, does your thoughts sound or feel light and gentle or excited and aggressive?
If it is an idea that you are deciding on, is it an idea that came out of the blue, in almost a matter of fact way or is it something that you have been working away at for hours and after a great deal of thought?

By using this list not only will it be a guide to help recognize your authenticity, it will also help you practice, recognize and listen to your intuition. Authenticity and intuition both will guide you towards your highest and best relationship, health, wealth and life in general.

~ Melody Chase

Melody Chase is a Writer and Counsellor at the Centre for Life Management/ LMC Relationship Centre and Co-author of Love by Design. She can be reached by email at support@lovebydesign.com

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