Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Love Tips – Secret of Transcending and Discovering Your Un-Conscious Filters

From a very young age, in order to survive, we're taught to believe certain things by our parents and primary caregivers.

Whether these beliefs are true or not isn't the issue.

These beliefs form the core of how we view life and everything that "comes into our world". These beliefs act as "filters", which both frame and control our every thought and perception.

The vast majority (over 90%) of these filters are un-conscious. What this means is that over 90% of the time, we're simply unaware of why we do what we do.

Rick Jarow, author of "Creating The Work You Love" says it well:

"We may be driven, but we do not know
who or what is driving us."

Let's look closely at this quote when it says:

"but we do not know who or what is driving us.

Some read the quote above and read "Its admirable to be driven". Others look deeper and see the potential hidden reason for their pain and suffering.

Have you ever wondered when life "doesn't go the way you want" - what's really happening "under the surface"? In other words, what's doing the driving?

Whenever you've done everything in your power to create what you want in life, but what you want "still doesn't show up", you know your "Un-Conscious Filters" are doing the driving.

Today's Exercise

Close your eyes and think of a problem in your life that just won't seem to change...

Now ask yourself,

"Am I aware of why this problem re-occurs?"

If you're like many of us, the real reason the problem exists is beyond our normal awareness. If you say it's due to some "outside factor" (economy, parents, sibling, spouse, job, money, etc,) - that's what's called a "victim mentality".

But, if you're truly committed to your inner growth, you'll see beyond the "it's beyond my control - its their fault" mentality, and discover your "Un-Conscious Filters" so you can clear
them and live life with a freedom that most people only wish for.

Action Step

Close your eyes and really allow yourself to see beyond your "Un-Conscious Filters" and let God/Source/Creator help you "see with new eyes".

May you see life with clarity and peace from this moment forward...

And So It Is...

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Warm Regards.

Dr. Robby

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