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Are You Using Affirmations? You Should!

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How many times have you repeated something over and over to yourself?

Maybe you were in a stressful situation or you were trying to remember something, in any case, you were repeating a particular sentence to yourself in order to burn those words into your head. Now, have you ever gotten that phrase out of your head?

Probably not. But this is a good thing.

Much like a song that gets stuck in your head, when you repeat something positive to yourself over and over, it also becomes stuck in your head – and that could lead to wonderful things.

Affirming that you deserve more

What’s interesting is that most of us already use affirmations to help change our lives – we just aren’t using them in a positive way.

We’re typically thinking to ourselves that we’ll never get this or that thing, and that we’re just not going to get anywhere with our lives.

However, when you change this tape that’s playing in your mind, you can start to change the outcome in your life as well.

The power of positive thinking has been linked to increasing health, wealth, as well as success because it creates a new way of thinking that in turn leads to a new way of living, living your dreams.

What you’ll want to do

A great way to start changing your life with affirmations is to find some that you like. These can be found on the internet or in a wide variety of books, though simpler ones are better and easier to remember.

You might even write one yourself to really increase the positive energy of the saying. Try going through a few different resources first before settling on just one or two that you will use.

Many self help books and support groups will tell you to repeat a certain line or phrase to yourself in order to strengthen your resolve when you feel like you’re becoming tired in your quest.

These are generally referred to as affirmations because they are affirming the contents of the saying and creating a new possibility or idea in your mind because of the repetition. And they are extremely effective.

Think of these as success attractors and they can become a part of your life in just minutes.

Here are some examples of affirmations for success and fulfilling your dreams:

• If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

• What I’m doing right now will help me in the future.

• I am going to have ________.

• I deserve _________.

• I am on the right track, even if I veer off course.

• I am worth the abundance that I want in my life.

• It’s only a matter of time until I see my wealth grow.

As you can see, these are all positive statements that are empowering you to remember that you are headed in the right direction for the abundance and wealth that you want to attract in your life.
How can you use affirmations during a typical day?

You can memorize affirmations to repeat them in your head or aloud if you like or you can write them down and place them somewhere that you will refer to them often.

Some people find that creating a specific time to repeat them to themselves allows them to get into the habit more easily.

For example, you might want to repeat them to yourself when you are lying in bed and just about the fall asleep. Or repeat them to yourself as you’re driving to work. Find the time to use your affirmations and they will increase in their power.
Other ways to use affirmations

If you’re interested in attracting wealth, you can place a positive affirmation in your wallet or purse to further connect the idea of money and positive thinking.

You can also use multiple affirmations or just a single one – that’s entirely up to you. You can hang affirmations on the walls of your home or office or simply carry a slip of paper wherever you go.

Some people have even gone so far as to tattoo the affirmation onto their arm – but that’s really not necessary.

Affirmations are a great tool for changing the way that you think and stopping negative patterns in your mind once they have begun.

Instead of having negative thoughts stuck in your mind, use an affirmation to remind yourself of the positive things that you want in your life and the fact that you will be living your dreams.

~ Cucan Pemo
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