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Hi Everyone,

I got a great letter from one of my Readers about
How to Draw in Your Ultimate Soulmate
I thought it would be fun to answer it her
on the True Love On Demand Blog

Here is the Letter

Hi Robby,

I will be grateful if you could explain and give examples of how the ego, on a daily basis, and how it relates to and is different to:
- Our emotions (On fear, joy, etc)
- Our feelings (how I feel about things)
- The subconscious mind
- The conscious mind
and how to attempt to detach emotionally from my ego?
you could explain it in context of 'creating the love of my dreams'. Thank you.
Warmest blessings,
Kerry (London, UK)


Hi Kerry,

Great Question.

Its Really Important to Lose Your Ego when Drawing
In Your Highest & Best Divine Design Ultimate Soulmate.

Example of Source Feelings are Joy, Bliss, Peace, Abundance,
Source means Universal Divine Matrix or the Quantum Field

When You are in Source You are in Vibrational Alignment
with This Field.

Source Feelings are Rooted in Love, Desire & Abundance.

Emotions are Different. Emotions are Fear Based so when
You Root Your Existance & Life in Competition, Scarcity,
Fear and Fighting for What you Want you will usually be
Reactive and Vibe in Negative Emotions.

The Ego is Our Programming & Judgemental Consciousness.

Ideally one needs to Seperate From the Ego. If you have
Read the Power of Now by Echart Tolle, you will understand
how to seperate from the Ego.

I eventually learned how to put my Logical Bean Counting
Analytical Judgmental Ego in the Corner and Live From
My Observer Consciousness.

This is the Place to Manifest Your Highest & Best Ultimate
Soulmate because when you are in The Now transcendent
from Time & Space with Source Emotions You can Place
Your Intention & Attention on Your Desire and from
Space & Place of Surrender & Detachment
Let Go Your Hearts Dream of True Love.

If you want more info on How to Manifest Your
Highest & Best Ultimate Soulmate
email me at relationshipcentre@shaw.ca
and Get a Hold True Love on Demand at

Warm Regards

Dr. Robby

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