Monday, August 21, 2006


For MEN! Why Marry?

You may now ask the question which is on every lip: "Why marry?" The reasons are countless. Not every reason, however, would suit you. Perhaps we should thumb through a working check list. Write down any reasons that appeal to you.


There is no question that marriage can give a man greater creature comforts. The familiar picture of the devoted wife, the pipe and slippers, and the tender loving care is all too true in many cases, and can last for months. If you have no good clubs, service apartments or hotels in your neighborhood consider this seriously. After children arrive, of course, you will have to shift-for yourself. You will then be physically uncomfort­able a greater part of the time. But in many cases the sacrifice is worth it.

The married man is never lonely. There are people around all the time, especially after the arrival of children. In fact, many husbands and fathers have not had a mo­ment to themselves for years.

The selfish husband who expects companionship from his wife, however, will be disappointed. The first wife, as he will see, must work fourteen to sixteen hours a day and has little time to be a companion to her husband.

Don't be unreasonable. If you want the companionship primarily of adult females, by all means stay single. Find reliable unattached girls with similar hobbies and you will have companionship galore.


Children are certainly a great joy. This is particularly true of other people's children. To enjoy them fully, encourage brothers, sisters, or close friends to marry and procreate. It is the uncle or trusted friend who sees children at their best. They will be clean, well-dressed, well-behaved, and with their company man­ners.

A gift or two may spoil them a little, but will go a long way toward making the non-father loved and admired. Romp with them freely. It will do you no harm if the children are well trained, and will be appreciated by the youngsters. Grandchildren are best. To the grandfather go all the advantages of having children without any of the draw­backs.

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