Saturday, January 27, 2007


Demystifying the Three Books! (Part 2)

Continuing from previous copy…

And so if you’re committed to doing that, that’s how we’ve written Counselor in a Box, for people to do everything possible to achieve that. And I’ve developed tremendous strategies. I mean, if you look at the material there and you don’t save your relationship, and you’ve understood and applied the information, and you still don’t save your relationship, nothing will help you. I mean, it’s the best material available, I would say, on the Net or on the planet. I mean, because that was my whole focus. I mean, even with Lucy, I was starting to go into being a counselor 20 years ago when I was with Lucy.

My whole mission with Lucy was to try to keep our relationship together, because again, you know, like Michelle, Virginia and Cindy (note: some sarcasm), she was the love of my life, I didn’t want to leave her, da-da-da. Notice every five years I have the NEW “love of my life”.

It’s funny my mind set at the time. I really believed these folks were my ultimate soul mate, and I thought “I have to keep this relationship together”, that sort of thinking. But you understand that that was my commitment, to find any strategy or technique and any learning to do that. Keep it alive at any cost. (How sad looking back on how deluded I was)

And I see that now, people e-mailing me, calling me, at the Centre or on the Net. That’s what they do, they want to find some strategy to influence their partner to make it work, or they’re willing to change to accommodate the relationship, but then ultimately they want their needs met, because that’s what a relationship is, it’s a mutual fulfilling of needs. Both people want to get what they want the way that they want it.

So I have strategy systems and training that is geared to involving the consciousness of one or both people in the relationship so that they can make it work. And ideally you want both people to get involved in developing a higher level of consciousness, but you can do a lot even on your own. So it’s a great book to start if you want to resuscitate and revitalize and repair a relationship; a relationship rescue, a relationship repair, a relationship resuscitation, a relationship renovation; you know, to make a better relationship.

It’s also designed for those who are just starting to have problems, or basically they just need a tune-up. I mean, I’m talking from a crisis position. A lot of people that are coming to the Centre are in a crisis position, but there’s a lot of people that do call me, that I do meet at seminars or on the net or at the Centre that just want a tune-up, they just want to improve. You know, some people are just totally into personal development and they just want to make it better. So for that crowd out there, Counselor in a Box is excellent.

~ Robby Bilton

To be continued…

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