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Demystifying the Three Books! (Part 3 - Final)

Love by Design, Melody and I wrote that together. It is designed to answer the questions, “Are you the one for me?” and, “Should I stay or go?” It covers some of the material that’s in Counselor in a Box, just in a different format, in a different way. It’s focused on looking at the bigger picture, more for people who are at a crossroads and not sure.

It’s funny, I had a lady in last night, and she knew in her heart that she shouldn’t be there, but, you know, you have to come and check it out. I mean, when you know in your heart that you shouldn’t be there, but you need to check it out and give them that benefit of the doubt, or find out the reasons why, or, you know, a logical sort of process. Love by Design helps with that.

Also, it’s really great to give you perspective about what’s potentially out there, and also what potentially you could have in a relationship. I mean, the premise, Love by Design, is to have the love of your life, design your ultimate love, either with the person that you’re with, or to bring in other people who are more compatible, functional, available and committed to you. So, you know, that’s sort of what the focus is. And Melody has really put together a powerful package there to find out what that is.

Also, with the accompanying materials with Love by Design – I get a lot of recordings for that, and we did extra articles and all those kind of things – the idea there is to get a sense of what it would be like to be with your soul mate, how to recognize a soul mate, how to recognize the love of your life and ultimate relationship. I mean, everybody’s with their soul mate, or with somebody they love that they’re having problems with when they come into the Centre. They’re just not making it.

Well, why? Well, you know, it’s not about being with your soul mate; it’s about being with a soul mate that you can have an ultimate relationship with. And there’s lots of soul mates that you can’t have a good relationship with, because they’re not compatible, functional, available, committed, they’re toxic, they’re deficient, they’re not qualified. If you look at our model and look at relationships like that, you wouldn’t hire them for the position of your ultimate needs.

So that stuff is really important to understand. To get really clear on, that someone that you love and that loves you – I mean, everyone who comes into the Centre is having huge problems, that are on the brink of destruction or they’re done, basically. They love each other; they’re attracted to each other. They have trust, kids, mortgage, commitment; they have some or all of these factors. That’s not enough; love isn’t enough, attraction isn’t enough, commitment isn’t enough, kids aren’t enough, trust isn’t enough. In soul mates you have a spiritual, mental connection. Whatever. It’s not enough. A relationship is a totality; it’s a mutual fulfilling of needs.

So the Love by Design book and all of the accompanying materials sort of really give you a good road map as to whether you should stay or go, and are they the one for you, and what is possible, and where you’re at. I remember doing a test, I think in 1985 or something, or 1987, when I was in California and I was taking some seminars with Barbara DeAngelo, and I took her test on relationships – oh, no, no, no. No, this was maybe a little bit later when I was with Lucy; yeah, that’s right. And I took her test.

The test I took in 1987, or 1985, actually, was with Robin Norwood, who wrote the book “ Women who you Love Too Much” . And I was in this horrible, dysfunctional relationship with Virginia, that I write about in True Love on Demand, and that was interesting.

But when I was with Lucy, I took a Barbara DeAngelo test. And so I added up my total, and it asks questions about our relationship, and it said that I had like 15 or something, and it said, “You don’t have a relationship; you have a joke. You have an illusion. You have a fantasy. There’s no relationship.” And I was stunned, you know, because I had evolved a lot and worked so hard, and I felt like I wasn’t even in the ball park.

And so a lot of us don’t know. And by reading Love by Design, you get a pretty good idea. You’ll actually know if you read Counselor in a Box and Love by Design, you’ll know more than 99 percent of all professionals, people that are in the business of doing relationship help, experts like John Gray and Dr. Phil and your local counselor or psychologist or shrink or whatever. They really don’t know much about relationships. I know they’re supposed to, but they don’t. It’s a joke, but they’re not trained on Relationship Science, and they haven’t done the research that we’ve done.

So it sounds unbelievable, but it is really true, they have no clue. Although they do have the authority and responsibility to deal with these people and these kind of issues, but they don’t have the info that you need. They don’t understand our Relationship system, unless they have read our books or if they’re trained by us and that’s happening more and more as time goes on.

But basically the fact is, yeah, people don’t get this information. So you’ll know, you’ll be able to make your own decisions. I mean, that’s my whole philosophy. I’m not a counselor that creates dependency, and, in fact, I’m not really a counselor, I’m a consultant. I mean, I hold the title of counselor, but it’s consulting. You know, “What’s your problem?” “Here’s the solution.” As opposed to how to you feel about ….

And so when you have our information, it evolves your consciousness and mind-set, and so you will very, very readily be able to have the mind-set and conscious awareness to clearly make decisions for yourself. And we’re always here for you to bounce it off of. I mean, that’s my real world, consultant. People who want counseling, traditional counseling such as emotional support, someplace to vent, to cope with their lousy situation, I’ve got counselors at the Centre that specialize in counseling.

They’re traditional counselors with my information, but they have the caring, warm, loving personality to listen to people whine in their powerlessness and their stories about how it’s not that great, and he said-she said stuff, and blah-blah-blah. So, you know, that’s not what I do when people come to me; I’m a consultant. I’m like an engineer, “What’s the problem?” “Here’s the solution.” I do that on radio shows and in my books and tapes on the Net, and in seminars and in real sessions.

So that’s basically my role. And when you read the books, well, you’ll know what I know, and so you can pretty much consult yourself. But if you need help or a second opinion or advice, we’re always here by e-mail or telephone or in person, or in seminars.

Getting on to the third book, True Love on Demand, as I said, that’s totally designed for people who are really ready to leave their relationship and create better. It’s not designed to evolve your existing relationship or to try to influence or change or control your partner using metaphysics or universal principles. I mean, universal principles are predicated – the whole system is predicated on the highest and best for all, predicated on resident vibration.

So there’s two requirements here when you access and read that book and learn those systems. And that is, that you’re open to the concept of the highest and best for all. And you are also having the consciousness to support what you draw in. I said earlier in the tape, you can even draw in the love of your life, your soul mate, whatever, someone that you could actually have an ultimate relationship with, but if you’re not ready; you have deficiencies, toxicity and stuff that wont work long term. . When you read my book – there are two books actually.

They’re like a binary star, it’s like two books, two main e-books in the True Love on Demand package. One is called True Love on Demand and the other is Creating the Life and Relationship of your Dreams.

When you read those books, you’ll learn about all the stuff I did wrong, you know, in accessing the universal systems and principles, and how I was totally unqualified to be in a relationship, and I was not functional in many ways. I had toxic disease and deficiencies.

I was dealing with geographically, socially, functionally, emotionally unavailable people. I was doing many, many things wrong, and I had no clue, did not understand the game, did not understand all these 40 areas we talk about in Love by Design and Counselor in a Box. I had no clue about myself, my personality. I didn’t know that people had different personalities; I didn’t know that people had different communication modes, values, beliefs in other programs, you know, this style, money style, sex style, parenting style, blah-blah-blah, all these different styles of values, beliefs, philosophies, lifestyles, biology, and on and on and on. I thought everyone was like me and they wanted the same thing. I was stunned that people weren’t on the same page as me.

So having no clue, I drew in the love of my life, someone I could actually in retrospect, as I look back now, 30, 35 years ago. And she was from a healthy family, and she was a good person, and on the same page in many, many ways. I could have had, if I had the knowledge I have today, an ultimate relationship with her. But I just absolutely wrecked it, and so although I had the ability to draw it in, although I was using universal principles unconsciously at that time, as I was when you read my Corvette story in the Creating the Life & Relationship of Your Dreams book, and the True Love on Demand program.

So those books and all the accompanying materials with it, tons of MP3s and reading material, you know, teaches you how to use universal principles and the universal system, how to manifest your highest and best mate, and also material things, if you want to do that, and to do it consciously, and to do it effectively. And so it’s a very, very powerful system for attracting the love of your life, and very powerful for attracting career, money and material things. You know, the principles are the principles. You’ll understand various concepts of height and depth and synchronicity and how to connect with your guidance, intuition, down modes, all those kinds of things, how to bounce back, and how to avoid boom backs, and all those kinds of things that happen if you don’t use the system right, having the wrong motivation or the wrong consciousness.

So it’s really powerful, but again, it’s sore if you don’t have the consciousness and the openness to the highest and best, and understand the concepts. The universe doesn’t work the way you think it might, you know. It’s not based on what your ego wants; it’s not ego-based. The universe is universally based in the highest and best. And synchronistically, your highest and best for all is actually the best for you, and if you don’t have a certain level of consciousness, you won’t even get it. I mean, if Melody had shown up in my life 20 years ago, I’d go, “This is my highest and best? I don’t think so.” I had no clue because of my value-set at the time and my mind-set at the time, what I felt was right and best for me.

So it’s real interesting, and it’s evolving along those lines. And that’s why we recommend that you read the other two books with it, if you’re in that True Love on Demand stage. If you’re unhappy in your relationship and you have no relationship consciousness and you just read this book, you’ll draw in whatever; you’ll just draw in something interesting that will reflect your consciousness. And so it’s kind of neat.

And so Melody is now arriving; she’s coming in. And so I’m going to have an interesting talk with her.

Hi, Kitten, I’m just recording.

So when you’re using all the three books, then you will be able to increase your relationship consciousness, your relationship mastery. You’ll sort of basically evolve in consciousness what it took me 20, 30 years to learn. And, you know, I don’t know how long – if it takes you two hours to read these books, a couple of days, a couple of weeks, you know, and then you have to integrate the information and sort of jump off your consciousness, but when you get it, it’s there.

You know, it’s enough there to sort of create the relationship of your life and dreams, and in an easy, effortless way. The True Love on Demand system is effortless; it’s not a lot of work. The only work you have to do is evolving your consciousness, and once you have that, then it’s simple and easy.

So if you have any questions on any of the books, feel free to drop us an e-mail at, and we can sort of give you some information. Read the websites and the materials there. With each book you get a free sign-up e-course. It gives you an idea of some of the material, and it gives you some up-front free information. But to really get the whole gist of it, you know, you want to have the whole package in front of you. Again, with some of the books – I know with Love by Design, you get $200 worth of free counseling, and that’s an hour on the phone, or a bunch of e‑mails. And it’s funny, nobody takes advantage of it.

Do you get that, Melody? You know, was it you that was saying the other day that maybe they don’t –

MELODY: They don’t comprehend it’s free.

ROBBY: It’s free, like there’s a catch?

: Yeah, like they don’t realize that it’s free.

ROBBY: Yeah, it’s free. There’s no catch– you get an hour. I mean, you can get a lot in an hour. So, or, you know, eight e-mails.

Anyway, feel free to do that. We’ll respond as we can. And sometimes we get inundated and are a little slow in our response, but Melody, every night you go to the computer and check the e-mails, right?

MELODY: Um-hum.

ROBBY: You’re vigilant.

So, yeah, so that’s what we’re doing, so if you have any questions, do that. And take advantage of the bonuses. There’s tons of bonus materials with each book. I mean, there’s a tremendous amount. I’ve recorded more of these free books, almost 100 MP3s, and a lot of them are being transcribed by our Team Awesome translation team, transcription team. And we’ve written tons of articles for each one of these, and they’re all over the Net and available on some of our sites. And so there’s lots of information, you just have to have the focus and discipline of just going through it and integrating it, and if you have a confusion or whatever, just write us and we’ll clarify it for you.

Okay. So thanks very much. Get a hold of us at, our main e-mail. Each book has a support, like and or Counselor in a Box. So each one of them has that. So enjoy and learn and go out there and create the love and the life of your dreams.

Say goodnight.

MELODY: Goodnight.

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