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Which is More Important to Follow in the Moment??

Hi Y'all,
I sound a bit like Brittney in my opening however this is Dr. Robby asking you a powerful question that can totally make a difference in your life when you grasp this concept. Many times when I was learning this new way of abundance and life I was told to connect with and follow my intuition and of course my divine inspirations.

All good advice, however at one point I confused Intuition vs Energy.
Years ago it was after Halloween and it was getting darker and darker earlier each week as we moved thru November. I sensed from my intuition that it was going to snow soon, cause here up North we get snow anytime from Halloween on, ( scary) and one day it was clear and fairly warm and I had a few hours of daylight so I got this thought that I should wrap up central air conditioning unit at the back of the house before the snow flies.

In fact a couple of hours later I got clear intuition and signal from my divine higher self it was going to snow, but I had zero, zilch energy to go out to the shed and spend the 15 minutes of so to cover the AC unit and bring out the shovels and set us up for the winter. I felt confused because my assumption was that if something is highest and best and if intuition or divine inspiration is banging on the door. then one should follow that. I wasn't tired or anything cause I had lots of energy to work out and run a few miles earlier and I was jazzed about going to the store and doing some stuff on the computer but absolutely no energy for the Winterization thing. So I was confused and wondered what gives and when I woke up the next day we had 7 inches of snow on the ground and the weather report said it was going to be cold for a while so I though OMG, I should of listened to my Intution. However I have been trained and know for a fact ENERGY rules but I was wondering how could this be, am I deluded. Well even though there was 7 inches of snow on the ground my energy for doing the AC thing was not there and I have learned not to fight with my "no energy level" for a particular task so I let it go.

The Next day the snow was gone all melted. It was warm and sunny and I had a ton of energy to get all the winter stuff happening.
I got my snow boots, out, mitts, winter coat. I even got all Melody's stuff organized. I took my car in to get winterized and there was no line up and service was totally friendly and fun. I wrapped up the A/C in 5 minutes flat, in a warm fun pleasant sunny afternoon and I was all jazzed to go on with my day.

The morale of the Story is......
Intution gives you Information Energy is guides you for action The Intution was correct but not relevant in regards to actions of course act on your Intuition if the Energy is there but otherwise treat Intution a good information but not Divine Guidance to take action. Energy is the Connection to the Universe so follow your energy and your joy

Warm Regards.

Dr. Robby

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