Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Are Your Creations Holographic?

When I connect with my Divine Design Blueprint I work in the world of energy fields of our Subconscious and Universal Dream Machine.

The way that you communicate effectively in/with these field is with Sensory Rich Visuals which some authors term "Holographic".

Let's learn more on what Holograms and Holographic Creation is.

Holographic creation is focused on creation in the inner world of thought, light, energy, and sound. In reality, it's all energy. Using this Holo-Creation method you know that the outer manifestation of your thought creations are simply a natural result of the inner manifestation.

Visualization is focused on outer reality. The focus in visualization is on the physical world, with little or no emphasis on spiritual pre-creation. Those who know the reality of the inner world do well with holographic creation. They fill out their daily holographic creation sheet with purpose and power!

Another way Holographic creation is more powerful than visualization is that Holo-Creation uses emotion. You can only do holographic creation if you properly use your emotions. You actually feel the emotions you want to feel if you had achieved what you are striving to manifest.

The holographic creation sheet helps because you have to actually write down the name of the emotion.

You have to decide what emotion you want to feel - confident, joyful, connected, and energetic, and feel the emotion in the present moment! Visualization doesn't include emotion. Note - many promoters of visualization have discovered the power of emotions and added this to
their visualizing program, which is a great plus.

Again - Millions of people have found visualization powerful, and it can be. But millions of others have found no benefit. By itself, visualization doesn't include all the steps. Some find the keys to effectiveness on their own, and some don't.

Holographic creation contains all the elements, and that's why it's so effective at creating what you want in life! Find out more now at In my audio book and report “Vision vs Visualization” included in the True Love on Demand package at you will discover that a communication from Source in a Vision is naturally Holographic in Nature.

When you understand all the information in our Wizard Apprentice Program which is a bonus for True Love on Demand Customers you will fully understand how to use this "Secret Language of the Universe."

Warm Regards

~ Dr. Robby

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