Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Abundance is our natural state’ really

One of the hardest lessons I learned in my metaphysical wizardry training was that “Abundance is our Natural State”

I would look around and even though people would say when I didn’t have a girlfriend or was in a lousy relationship that there was “plenty of fish in the sea”, I saw a lot of fish but not many or any to my liking.

Back in the day I did not understand that in a “Sea of Energy” what we resonate with and desire can come to us very fast and easy if we understand quantum field principles.

What you seeking is seeking you even if in the population it seems logically pretty scare.

In the energy field we can draw in easily all that we desire especially if we have a clear subconscious with an installed program that aligns with our conscious intent.

When I became a millionaire, I secretly had a sabotage program that caused me to go bankrupt.

In my relationships when I got the beautiful wife I lost her, and when I found my beautiful Soulmate Virginia she was unavailable

All these kinds of things were happening because my Subconscious Mind Field was running interference in an otherwise abundant world.

In the True Love on Demand program I tell you how that operated and what to do about it if you have similar sabotage programs or conscious intentions that are creating disastrous financial and relationship situations for you.

Once you learn how to clean out your subconscious mind field and learn how to use Universal Laws you can have it all. Ultimate Soulmate Relationships , Solid Finances , Great Health and Wonderful Purpose and Peace of Mind.

So from much of my experience before I had the 411 and code on this stuff I did not see the natural abundance.

For those of you who are working with your Chakras, scarcity in love , money or health are SYMPTOMS of an unclear 1st Chakra.
To connect to Abundance you need to connect to the Earth.

This may seem kind of silly, however let me assure you are needing to understand that you are Life Force and the Earth and the Universe are Designed to Support you in fulfilling your Ultimate Destiny

When you get this concept you can Relax and just follow your energy, love and intuition and you will be guided to all that you desire.

You need to transcend the Competitive Adversarial Paradigm, get out fear and understand the Power of Love and Conscious Intent and then you can easily create the subjective reality your deserve and desire.

Frankly if you just get your ego and all your Subconscious Mind Programming that you have absorbed from your family and social environment your LifeForce will guide you directly to all that you want in all areas of your life.

In our upcoming, new A+SECRET program you give you the system to increase your self love and clear out your subconscious of all the patterns and programs that are not your highest and best good.

When you do that your LifeForce will direct you in concert with the Universe to Create the Life & Relationships of Your Dreams.

Warm Regards

~ Dr. Robby
Ps. If you have questions email me at relationshipcentre@shaw.ca

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