Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Safeties to be Taken Before Dating

* Ensure Your Privacy is Protected ::

The information you supply when you register at dating should be completely confidential. Your registration details must be kept secret from all members and under no circumstances are made available to any third party. No member of staff should ever ask you for your password. They must NOT use your contact or email details for marketing purposes. Any member who matches you in their searches can only see what you have told them in terms of your personal profile, nothing more. Therefore, remember not to include you actual email address or telephone number in the text of your profile or in emails unless you are sure that you would like to take your friendship further. Dating sites generally cannot access your emails and do not have any control on what information you supply to another member. If someone you are in contact with is not giving much away then perhaps you should err on the side of caution.

* Listen to Your Intuition ::

“Often overlooked I feel”. This is the thing we all use on a daily basis and we all trust our intuition often. It’s easy to get carried away when someone appears to be interested. Remember the rule, if you suspect something, you are probably correct. Trust your judgment. Listen to what you are being told. Ask many questions. Don't give too many details away if the other person tells you very little. If someone is being honest, they will be happy to tell you about themselves and their lives.

A key point is to make sure that you are enjoying your online dating. Never ever let someone pressure you. If you don't want to explain something or provide certain details then do not. A real friend will behave in a patient and relaxed way. After receiving an email, sit back and think about what you are being told, take your time and try and sense the person behind the email. And read their profile thoroughly.

* When the Time Comes

At some point you may wish to meet in person the friend you have made. Remember the rule, you only have to meet someone if you really want to. If you feel uncomfortable about meeting, then don't agree to meet. Even if you have agreed, you can change your mind whenever you like. Perhaps you need to chat for longer, perhaps it would be better to use the phone first. Do not give out your home number, address, or personal details unless you are sure about the person you wish to meet.

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Tips for Successful Relationships

First you need to get replies to your emails and messages. To do this here are some tips you may find helpful:-

* Think about how your profile is written. Ensure there are NO spelling mistakes in your My Own Words section and your emails and messages. This is the first important rule.

* Keep your description short but be completely honest. If you are not being truthful then when you meet, you will be discovered, if not before.

* Add fun and humor to your profile, and don't be too serious at first.

* Don't be afraid to state who you wish to meet and why. Most adults know the kind of person they are attracted to, even if they are not sure why.

* Tell people what you like and perhaps things you don't. Don't be offensive though.

* Add a photo to your profile. We find that a member with a photo can get anything up to 9 times the amount of replies, in comparison with those that do not include one.

* Be polite with messaging, and don’t make judgments about the length of time to get a reply.

* Please don’t feel you need to block someone just because they are too busy to chat this time. Be cool.

* Keep your first email short and to the point, perhaps humorous and interesting. Don't include too much detail at this point, and just a few things that you have in common. Make the email talkative and allow it to flow. Don't be too serious at this stage or too emotional.

* Do NOT include you personal details in an introduction email. Leave that until a relationship is established, and you feel very comfortable with the other person.

* Try and contact a few people at the same time, but always those who you have matched, not those who you have nothing in common with as they will not welcome your contact.

* Be honest and stick to the truth. It is all too easy to add things that at this stage are not checkable. However, you may get caught out later and ruin a fantastic friendship or romance.

* Always reply quite quickly to any messages.

* Don't talk about money or possessions at this time. Most people like or love someone for who they are, not what they have. We assume you do not want to find someone who simply wants you for what you can provide.

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