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Solving relationship & life problems from a higher place

Or, in a completely different vein, say that you have come the conclusion that there is a problem in one of your relationships.

Whether you feel that: your mother criticizes you too much, your husband is aloof, your child is belligerent or your boss is a tightwad - by holding that perspective and bringing the conclusions from yesterday to bear in your relationships of today, you will most certainly find these people acting inmuch the same way - today, tomorrow and next week.

Applying 3rd dimensional logic to the situation, you'll come to believe that this is just the way things will be between you and the other party. In other words, your relationship is 'stuck'.

No such thing as stuck...

Well I don't buy it -- about the money, or the relationships, or the illness -- or whatever. On the contrary -- I'm a firm believer (based on my experience and the experience of hundreds of my students and clients) -- that 'Nothing is Ever Stuck.'

If you find the same situation appearing over and over again the repeating external circumstance is merely a mirror that you are bringing an old set of expectations and vibrations to bear in a potentially new situation.

If you wake up today focusing on debt, you'll attract more debt for tomorrow. If you wake up today affirming an illness, you'll have that same diagnosis tomorrow - and next week. If you expect your unappreciative spouse to forget your anniversary again this year, you'll be setting the stage for a similar confrontation on your 50th wedding anniversary.

As Abraham explains: "Sometimes we hear you say 'I'm stuck' and we say 'No you're not stuck, because you cannot stand still.

You cannot stop emitting a vibration so it is not possible you are stuck. Instead what is happening is that you are creating the same thing over and over again. It's changing but it's changing to the same thing..."

So what do you need if you feel 'stuck'? You need to make room for a 'breakthrough.' Notice I did not say you need to 'create' a breakthrough. That is not your job. You work is simply to let go of the way that you've been holding your vibrations so that you can offer a more open/less resistant vibration today – thereby allowing the Universe to bring you a slightly different shade of experience tomorrow.

Begin by making a list of the areas in your life that feel stuck.

Acknowledge that you have been, inadvertently, holding these situations in place and then acknowledge that you have the power to create internal vibrational shifts that will free the circumstances to show up in a new form.

And then, for each item on your list affirm the following statement:

"That's how it's been but tomorrow it will be different, and I like the idea of changing to something different."

Abraham-Hicks at Abraham

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