Monday, January 08, 2007


The real power & role of visualization in creating the life and relationshps of your dreams

Today , you can learn the Secrets of Tapping Universal Flow by Letting Go of Fear, Control & Expectation and Focusing on what You Want that is Highest & Best for You & All THE REAL DEAL ON CREATING YOUR ULTIMATE SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP!

How many times have we bought into the hope that we can just focus on what we want and poof by magic we create it in our life.

From the early years of many of the classic works on Creative Visualization, Mind Control and Power of the Subconscious Mind and Magic of Belief Stuff we have all been led down this path of possibility that many times leaves us discouraged alone and confused.

So whats the real deal you wonder????

Does your focus, belief and thoughts & pictures in your head really matter or is it just simply "candy" that information peddlers sell for instant delight and profit.

Inquiring minds want to know!

As of late the buzz is about FEELINGS more than the old school advice of pictures, words and affirmations.

What is the system your are tapping into and how to access it..

Is it like getting on the Net. How do we connect and use the awesome power supposedly at our fingertips you may wonder.

If you want to get to Hollywood & Beverly Hills and you are in the OC (Orange County) the fastest way is to take the Freeway. Unless you are a bird or have a helicopter a straight line doesn’t work.

However you want to transcend even the Freeway and go to a higher level like a plane or bird would take

The analogy to manifesting is transcending to the Creative Plane.

In this “Sea of Energy” the vehicle or method of drawing in whats highest and best is “Vibration”

The Secret of Drawing in your Ultimate Soul Mate is to lock into the Vibe of what you want.

With the True Love on Demand Program you can learn how to Access the Universal Dream Machine to draw in your Ultimate Hearts Desire and how to avoid making mistakes that could create for you a duality which is a mix of what you want and what you don’t want.

When you have the right formulas its very simple, easy and fun.

If you have any questions email at me

Warm Regards

~ Dr. Robby

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