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Secrets of creating your ideal soulmate relationship

If you are serious about seeking your Soulmate and determining WHO the ONE for you is, you'll want to get your hands on this information, which is up to date and has never been revealed anywhere else. Make the decision to kick-start your love life and relationship today!

In this report we want to give you an idea on how to discover and determine who is your Highest and Best Soulmate and how if they are not presently in your life to come into your New Subjective Reality.

For those of you who have not read any of our books or Attended one of our Tele or Live Seminars let us introduce ourselves.

We want to welcome you to the first part of our Report on Secrets of Creating your Ideal Life and Relationships

My name is Robby Bilton and my counter part and co writer is Melody Chase. Melody has written a very popular book entitled Love by Design where she answers the question Is the one you are with your Soulmate and if so how to Create the best relationship possible with them.

Both Melody & I work with Cucan Pemo who is the famous author of the best book on the Net that deals with “Saving Your Relationship” which is an Amazing Resource called

"Bring Back The Love of Your Life - A Potent 4-Step Strategy!"

The straight to the point book and series of resources will end your loneliness and ensure happiness. You can get it at

I have written the True Love on Demand book and I with Cucan Pemo have developed the Attract the Love of Your Life Program which published in the fall of 2005. Cucan is a well known Internet e-book writer and publisher and some of you have probably read or seen of some of her book other books

I am also the author and developer of the Counsellor in a Box system that documents a ‘do it yourself” home relationship counselling system based on what we do at the Centre.

Our LMC Relationship Centre is a division of the Centre for Life Management which is was a large Personal Development and Relationship Centre which we ran in Winnipeg for over 15 years.

We have helped thousands of individuals and couples find and create wonderful Relationships teaching them our Relationship Mastery and Attract Systems

The folks who read our books and work with us are all interested in Creating the Life and Relationship of their Dreams.

They are open to using methods that work and are not too shy to use any proven method to secure their souls wishes and dreams.


At various points in my life I have learned the “SECRETS” to access various levels of Power. Like a young Merlin’s’ Apprentice I dabbled with the Forces of the Universe and several times like a child learning to ride a bike have gotten a few bumps and bruises.

In my early days I was only aware of one or two of the 4 Levels of Power. I did not realize that we need all of them to Create a Life where we and specifically “You Can Have it All”


This is the level where most people in our world and society create results in their life. What people do is write down or describe a goal they want to reach and then upon writing it down, develop a plan of action and then take steps to achieve their objective.


Many sports stars, athletes and people into personal development use at this level the process of Visualization. They imagine on the screen of their mind what they desire. More advanced forms of this strategy involve making the visualization more “sensory rich” by adding color, making it bigger, creating movement and making it like a motion picture, adding sound, feel, smell and other things that would logically go along with the object of desire. Some more advanced practitioners adjust ones position of viewing by being in the picture and looking out thru your own eyes (associated state) vs. a disassociated state where one is viewing oneself in the picture of the desire at some distance.


In this level people use more advance Metaphysical Methods where they use feelings and vibration of what they intend. In my True Love on Demand System I demonstrate how feelings are actually more powerful when held in your being and body to draw what your heart desires.


Here is where you link everything together
Image & Feeling
Work with Vision & Visualization
Access Universal Laws
Clear The Subconscious
Create Value by increasing your Self Love & Relationship Mastery

I read about Universal Laws for years but I didn’t get how to apply them in real life situations like drawing in my Soulmate and making money.

As you combine our True Love on Demand System and Love by Design System with the Information we have detailed in our new book

The Secret to Creating the Life & Relationships of Your Dream where we detail how to Neutralize out your Subconscious Mind Field of dysfunctional patterns and programs before you access the Universal Attraction System and Machinery

Its easy to draw in your Ultimate Soulmate when you have achieved Mastery Level IV .

Its just a matter of doing the right things in the right sequence.

Its like doing renovations such as drywalling or ceramic tile installations you need the right materials and the right sequence of events.

If you have any questions on any of these areas write us at

~ Dr Robby Bilton

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