Sunday, December 17, 2006


Love Tips: How To Manifest In the NOW! (Part 1)

Today, we are providing you a copy of the transcript I’ve done for my clients and customers. It’ll provide you some insights into how to manifest in the now and get in tune with the Universe to get what you want in your love relationship. This is provided in 3 parts, so be sure you check back here to retrieve the latest copy.

In this audio we’re going to continue talking about manifesting in the now and aligning with the Universe, and being in tune with the infinite. We talked in the last tape about being in the now and not resisting reality. As you know, all stress is resistance to reality, and it may be a reality that you don’t really like.

Once you are in the now and you’re not resisting reality and you’re not focused on the result, you’re not pushing or mentally urging yourself to the result, but focused on the process – and yes, the result is there; you have clarity of vision and an idea of what you want, but you’re totally open to it. You’re surfing the uncertainty and you’re open to something higher and better, in fact. So when you’re doing that, you can then sense the flow of the Universe and what it will support, because the Universe will support certain directions.

There is a life flow, a Universal flow. There is a tide in the affairs of men, and with the Universe, it’s the nature of the Universe is a certain thing. It’s actually like nature. So it has seasons and cycles. So one of the things that we want to talk about in this tape is how metaphysics and manifesting is nature; it’s about nature more so than anything else.

Now, I didn’t mean “the nature of the Universe,” I mean “nature of the Universe” in the sense that the Universe is nature, it’s natural, and it’s cyclical.

So a lot of times I would get discouraged when I shifted from a competitive adversarial paradigm to a metaphysical paradigm because I wanted to manifest a result right now. But I didn’t understand the concept of seasons. Now, all of us, even if we’re not farmers, we sort of understand the concept of seasons.

There is a season for everything. Like in the spring you plant. You don’t plant in the winter. There’s a certain season for it. Then once you plant it, there’s a certain season for harvest. Harvest is in the summer and fall. That’s a season; it’s a certain timing of things. So I would try to force things and manifest things outside the season.

For example, I’d get a soul desire – whether it’s an ego desire or a soul desire – and I’d have the feeling and clarity and detachment for it, and then I would allow the Universe to unfold and support that direction. Then I would get impatient and lose the “now,” fall out of the stream and resist that it wasn’t happening, because I forgot about seasons. Maybe what I was manifesting has a season, a divine timing.

A lot of us don’t think in those terms. We don’t think in Universal terms. We don’t think in highest and best for all; we just thing about, “Hey, that’s my desire. I want it now.” Sometimes there’s ego-based seasons. For example, if I’m selling a home or buying a home, I’ll think, “Well, maybe I should do that in the spring because the market is better.”

That would be an ego interpretation of timing. It may not be the highest and best from a Universal point of view or a nature point of view, or the highest and best for all point of view.

To be continued in Part 2, stay tuned!

~ Robby Bilton

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