Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Way Man Experiences The World As A Man And The Way A Woman Experiences The World As A Woman

The Way Man Experiences The World As A Man And The Way A Woman Experiences The World As A Woman

A man sees the entire world differently than the way a woman would see the world. They see the world differently based on their gender expectations, their emotional levels, sexuality, professional lives, goals that the media has influenced, the way they see themselves, and in life in general. Men think entirely differently, what women think. Women see the slightest details of life and men tend to see the whole picture instead of the little things.

When it comes to seeing the world in the way that the media depicts the goals for men and woman they are completely barbaric.

Men have to be tough and professional and sleek, while woman are just there to be pretty. The media in the way they talk about woman make them seem like they are only slaves to the patriotic world. However, history has noted woman as strong individuals. When it comes to men, they have to be smart, educated, finely dressed, and professional.

They are the ones who become lawyers, heroes, and successful. This had affected both men and woman. Most men feel that their simple, blue collar lives are not good enough and that they have disappointed someone. Women spend thousands of dollars and hours of their time trying to be something they aren’t because it’s the way the media portrays them.

It comes down to the way they see themselves. Men are to be sleek Romeo’s that can talk any woman into bed and then get up the next morning live this fast life. Women are to wait for their husbands to get home with a cigar in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other while wearing a teddy. Today women see themselves as polite ladies who secretly have to be wild in the bedroom.

Many women spend their entire lives trying to prove to the world that they are just as good as a man. It’s hard to say that they are when woman still don’t get paid nearly as much as a man does. The glass ceiling keeps all women in the kitchen. However, men still feel that they have to be Romeo. It seems that men still brag about the women they go home with and all their professional achievements.

Why do women feel they have to prove themselves and why are many so charming? It was the expectations that were given to them even as a child. Little boys were saving lives playing with their G.I. Joes and girls were accessorizing their Barbie dream house.

These roles that men and woman play are given to each child before they are even in school. Society has made the roles that men and women play and nothing will ever change them.

Taking the topic into small areas, professionally women are still under the glass ceiling. They can see the top, but most women don’t make it to the top. However, the world is changing in the professional world. Men and women are becoming more equal. A man, professionally, can do whatever it is that his heart desires.

They can be judges, doctors, dancers, actors, and even the President of the United States. Although there are many female doctors, dancers, actors, and judges, have you ever heard of a female President of the United States? Professionally, women are still experience the world as cute secretaries.

One level of life that will never make women and men equal is the emotional level. Men experience life very differently than women. They go through a lot of stages in their lives that are hurtful and stressful. The sad thing about men is that they are taught not to show any emotion by their parents. If a little girl cries, parents react by cuddling them, but if a little boy cries parents tend to yell at them. They are taught at a young age that crying is unacceptable.

This could be the reason why many men have issues with their father. They think that their father was too harsh. Men aren’t emotional because they socially aren’t allowed to be. Women feel that men are too cold, but they don’t realize that as a mother they are more likely to yell at their son for crying than their daughter.

It’s a double-edged sword. As child, men are taught to refrain and then as men, they are expected to share and open up. It just doesn’t work that way. Most men feel that their mate is overly expressive, but that is comparing them to men. Men expect women not to be so needy or whinny, but, again, it’s how women were raised as a child. Again, it is a double-edged sword.

Sexually is one level that woman are trying to take over. Women are just as sexually as men. Women go for sex and like sex just as much as a man. Women are aggressive when it comes to sex because that’s what they think men want. Men tend to be sexually aggressive, but a majority is shy about the subject.

Most men expect their women to be non aggressive when it comes to sex. Society has begun to change. They picture women as aggressive if not more aggressive. In some scenarios, men are shown as the shy one. It is just one way that you can see how the media has changed the roles for men and women.

The world is changing. Women are becoming just as good as men and soon the world will just major changes. The world is already seeing changes in male and female roles, because men are being seen as shy, non aggressive, while women are being shown as wild, aggressive species.

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since there are no references to any studies this is ONLY opinion but it is disguised as fact....i wanted to use this as information but there is a lot of faulty thinking in it. For example using terms such as "all men" that is called "bandwagoning" in socialogical terms and is not backed by stats such as "80% of men...." SOo read this with a bias although it is entertaining... do more research please and dont insult our intelligence out here in cyberspace. this article seemas to actuallty back up the stereotypes not debunk them...
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