Thursday, August 31, 2006


How to Work Out Your Plans for Life Insurance for When You Get Married

What is your plan for life insurance? Do you know reliable sources of unbiased information?

A wise program of life insurance may save you many hundreds of dollars over the years and give you better protection. Those concerned with the larger problem should read the more extensive discussions elsewhere. Obviously, the amount of life insurance that you can get depends heavily on a number of factors. The internet is a good source of information regarding different types of life insurance. Obviously you can also contact your insurance broker, if you already have life insurance, and find out what options there are for you to change your policy to cater for your change in circumstances. It is worth researching life insurance extensively before you actually get married to ensure that you have the best policy to suit you. Also ask your married friends for their recommendations, you may even find that it is something that they haven’t sorted out for themselves and you would be helping them too!

We shall limit our dis­cussion here to what you should know about life insurance before you marry. For the sake of brevity we shall present it in the form of simple statements.

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