Monday, August 07, 2006


Daring Dozen Email Starters

Once you get in the online dating mode, you can explore fun, creative ways to catch the attention of your prospective date using some email starters like the ones below. These "Daring Dozen" email starters can help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Since getting noticed, and making a good love connection takes both patience and skill, let’s get started:

Email 1: Tell them about something you have in common about one of their hobbies or interests. "I saw you're into shopping, me too" ..

Email 2: Ask something specific about about their profile: "It sounds like you're a quiet person - are you shy?"

Email 3: Ask about their experiences in dating, good and bad. "What do you like best about first dates?"

Email 4: Look for something unique about them. "Wow, you like water surfing - sounds dangerous - is it fun?"

Email 5: Ask about where they live in a funny way "So you live in Nebraska, is it as boring as everyone says it is? I heard a joke about why .. " Or, "so you're from Canada, eh

Email 6: Ask about their values, read between the lines, in how they write their narrative. "You sound like you're committed to having a family - tell me about what you think family life should be all about."

Email 7: Ask if they hate sports as much as you do. "I haven't watched a sports game in years, how about you?"

Email 8: Avoid heavy topics, like war, terrorism, how bad the economy is, or other "downers". You're looking to develop a relationship with someone, not sound like a newscast.

Email 9: What's your idea of a great vacation? is a good starter, it will help you see if they're a cosmopolitan city-type of person, or somebody who enjoys more rural, scenic outdoors travel.

Email 10: Icebreakers: In the "odd but gets attention category": What's your favorite cuss word? If you could retire today, where would you live?

Email 11: Celebrities - ask what movie stars they like, and what kind of movies they enjoy. Who would you consider a role model? This can be interesting!

Email 12: What's your idea of an Ideal first date? This can help you understand what they like to eat, and if they like busy, crowded places, or quiet intimate settings.

Focus on trying to be a little different, unique. And focus on getting the right kind of attention from your prospective date, too, that you’d like. By keeping communications light and fun .. you're exploring common interests while finding out more about another person. So be yourself, and let your imagination soar!

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