Friday, July 07, 2006


When I'm not a Fun person to be with...

Years before I met Melody, I was a bit of a burnout physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

That’s not a fun person to be with. You sort of have two eyes staring out of their sockets, walking dead emotionally or spiritually. I had no spiritual connection to life in the world. I had been through the ambulance thing and the business thing and the bankruptcy thing and the terminal illness thing, losing everything materially and emotionally. So I was sort of a walking burnout.

This was years and years before I met Melody. I had to go on a personal journey of getting that back. Now I’m like a kid, I’m happy, da‑da‑da, totally connected, healthy. I’m in my mid 50s, but I feel and look younger, right, Kitten?

MELODY: Oh, yeah.

ROBBY: How old do I look?

MELODY: Nineteen.

ROBBY: Nineteen? Yeah, whatever. Like, hello. Duh.

I know I feel very, very young, and I look young. People think I’m very young, especially when I wear my baseball hat and I put it on backwards. I look like a gang-banger. This is Dr. Robby walking around like some thug. Thug-life. Oh, Melody, you don’t even know what that is.

You’re not even in that generation; you don’t know what thug-life is. Do you?

MELODY: I’ve heard stories. I’ve gone through generations.

ROBBY: Yeah, Melody’s a generation expert and I’m talking about generation-wise stuff.

So, Now, I’m totally fun and excited about life and not a burnout in any of those areas, and neither is Melody.

Our life is totally fun. We’re like kids, we’re young, we’re healthy, we’re happy, and that’s the vibe you need. It’s about charisma. People that are charismatic, they’re not negative and down, nothing works out, and, “Oh, I’ve been through that, I’ve got issues.” Who wants to date that? “Life is a struggle.” People want to be lifted by their partner not brought down.

If you watch “The Young and the Restless” and other soaps – Melody knows the names. I don’t know their names – it’s all about drama and struggle and negativity and issues and crises and unexplained events.

We’re trying to get YOU to create a fun life and have a fun partner, to be healthy. So those are the vibes. That’s confidence, and that’s wellness and that’s happiness and joy. There’s a difference between happiness and joy, but you want to be those vibrations.

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are; it’s what your being is, and that is your essential vibration which broadcasts, whether you want it to or not, out into the Universe which then draws in the like. That’s why you’ll skew your events.

Think of the Universe as a mosaic or a tapestry. You can pull any threads that you want and weave your own creation. But if you’re not aware of this stuff, you won’t. We want you to be authentically the best that you can be for you. I’m not saying to get an extreme makeover or hair transplant or whatever, but if you want to, great. But the key is to be a full expression, authentic vibration of you in all areas.

We are talking about being a full expression in terms of confidence and relaxed and fun and healthy on all levels. This also includes being detached and open and having faith and trust in the system; having awareness of people, personalities, the stuff we teach in Love by Design and Counsellor in a Box.

You need to be aware of the relationship game and have relationship mastery, the principles and the dynamics and the laws governing relationships, all those things we talk about in our other books, as well as how the Universal system works.

It’s real simple. I could write True Love on Demand in three sentences.

Basically, be the vibration of what you want and then forget it. That’s it. But I’m writing these books, and making 800 MP3s to explain it all. It’s kind of funny.

I’m taking Melody to her favorite place, McDonald’s. People might say, “How can you be healthy eating that?” Well, it’s a treat once in a while. You need to eat right for your body type and your metabolism and physiology. For me, I just throw the buns away.

In any event, as you can see, if you are these kinds of things and you are having this type of vibration that denotes you being as someone who’s functional, available, healthy in many ways, at peace, confident, assured, well, this is a vibration that is very attractive.

Especially if you are someone who’s eliminated their deficiencies and toxicities, and someone who is available emotionally and not shut down and not messed up by all of their past issues, you will be a functional partner.

As well, if you are someone who’s overcome and eliminated any dysfunctional programming or patterns that you may have inherited from trauma or bad past relationships, or from their family or society, then you’re going to have a pure, clean vibration, like a child, and you’ll have your ideal mate drawn to you and come out of left field when you least expect it.

It’s like animals, they’re not messed up by all this psychology stuff. They just draw in their mate, naturally.

We watched this little penguin movie and how the penguins met each other from all different places, from Antarctica; they found their soul mate, and they’re looking in each other’s eyes.
That was kind of neat.

That’s kind of how I feel with Melody. She feels like another little animal in my species. As they said in Wedding Crashers, the counterpoint to my soul. Right? Your soul’s counterpoint?

That’s kind of neat in many ways.

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